What They Said, Special Edition

Monday, May 12, 2014

The day we found out:

John Paul, to me:  You have a tiny baby in your tummy!
Cecilia:  No you don't!
Me:  Yes I do.

Yup, about that excited!

Cecilia, running to me after John Paul gave me a hug:  Da tiny baby in your tummy kicked Jesus!!! (John Paul was pretending to be Jesus...)

Absolutely that excited!

Cecilia, running away from a smiling Elizabeth:  She's smiling because dere's a tiny baby in your tummy!!!

Cecilia, welcoming the babies to her bedroom that same day:  May Cwaire and Ewizabif!  Are you so excited dat Mom has a baby in her tummy???

Does it mean we get to see Mom's belly button?  Because she NEVER shows it to us!

And in later days:

Cecilia: Mom, is da tiny baby in your tummy a girl baby?
Me:  We don't know yet, Cecilia.
Cecilia: If she has wong hair, she'll be a girl baby!

Well, we're 3 for 4 with girls, and 0 for 4 with hair, so it's not looking likely...

Cecilia:  Mom, why is your tummy hurting?
Me:  Because there's a baby growing in my tummy.
Cecilia:  In your womb.


Andrew, reading some pregnancy handouts from the OB:  I think we should start writing letters to the baby (sarcasm here, sorry folks).
Me:  Or start journaling.  Perfect.
Cecilia:  What's "to journal?"
Me:  It's writing in a journal.  Do you want to write a letter to the new baby?
Cecilia:  No.  Um, yeah! A!!!

Me:  I got to hear the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office today!
John Paul:  Is there only one baby in your tummy?
Me:  Yes, just one as far as we know.
Cecilia:  Why not two???

Well, I suppose in her world, babies only come in twos...

Cecilia, every day:  Is da baby in your tummy born yet???


Baby #5 (at least, we think it's just one...) taking over your computer screens November 2014!

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