Friday, May 23, 2014

Giant Bugs, Monkey Children, and All the Talking: 7 Quick Takes

It's that time again...  Friday!!!


Last week there was a GIANT bug in our house.  Like, so big that Mary Claire saw it and said, "Birdie fwyin'!"

So I told her it was a bug...


No, not a ladybug...

She and Elizabeth were very distressed when it landed and wasn't flying anymore.  Sadly, it was too high for me to reach, so Andrew had to take care of it when he finished getting dressed.  Seriously, what is this thing???


You know those nights when you haven't planned what to make for dinner and you just have to plug all the things you DO have into a recipe finder?

This one was a winner!

The lemon zest added such an interesting kick!  And creme fraiche is not something anyone ever has on hand, but it's easy to make a substitute.  So yummy!

Cecilia said she only liked the bacon part.  She is the worst eater in the world.


She likes me to put her hair up at night so that when she wakes up it looks curly.  This time it just crazy...


I don't think any of our kids have ever loved legos as much as Elizabeth.  She will just sit there patiently building "Tall tall towers" and "tall tall twucks" over and over again...  It's adorable!


Not quite as adorable? 

Take all the metal bowls out of the drawer and drop them on the floor!

And maybe put the lamb in one?

Okay, maybe it is adorable...


Do you see the adorable curly tendril hanging down?  Cecilia won a facebook contest on Mandi's Lilla Rose page and chose this adorable Flexi-clip.  I can't get over how cute it is!  She wanted to carry it around in the little pink bag Mandi sent it in for quite a while, and now she brings it to me several times a day asking for a ponytail, or a bun, or a "braid bun" or a "braid ponytail" and as long as she doesn't pull it out, it holds really well!  The picture below is after an hour, during which she ran through the hose spray, did multiple somersaults and headstands, and was basically a complete maniac in the yard.

Disheveled? Yes. Falling out? No!

I love mine too and am getting more soon - we had a facebook party last night, and if you want to order through my party link that would be awesome because then I get free or discounted stuff!


"Children headstand" or "child headstand" is consistently a top search term that leads people to my blog...

Hopefully they found what they're looking for?  John Paul has kind of incredible balance and can do a headstand on his own with his feet *almost* straight up in the air.  Because he's ridiculous.  But not as ridiculous as this:

Photo: Apparently when they're downstairs watching tv, they're also practicing scaling an 8-foot pole...


8-foot pole.  You know, just scaling it like nobody's business.  Next up?  State fairs and greased poles.


Photo: Every time we get to this page, Mary Claire cries, "Yellow balloons!" Yeah, not gonna correct her...

"Owange balloon!  Yellow balloon!"

Yup.  Balloons.  Not sperm.

They talk SO much these days, especially Mary Claire - I'm thinking I'll focus the next "What They Said" volume on the twins :)  Want to link up?  Let's plan on Tuesday the 27th.

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