Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day, a Mary Garden, and a May Crowning

Basically, it was an awesome weekend.  We hit the farmer's market on Saturday and decided to pick up a flank steak as a treat for Mother's Day.  SO GLAD WE DID because it was seriously the most delicious flank steak I've ever eaten in my life.  

Then Andrew and the big kids went to the garden center to find a Mary statue and a few other things to set up our Mary garden.  They got it all put together in the afternoon (thanks to some leftover border pieces that we had discarded from another bed) and planted a bunch of seeds - I'm really looking forward to seeing everything in bloom!

Mary Claire and Elizabeth just keep running over and saying, "Hi, Mawwy!!!" over and over again.  

Then after Mass this morning (which went pretty well, even if Cecilia DID get upset after Communion because she wants to be "just wike Bwessed Imewda" and she didn't get to receive communion and die immediately afterwards) (yes, seriously, this is her current "thing"), we went home and made a crown for Mary out of random flowers around the yard, and did a quickie May Crowning, which the kids LOVED.

Random aside: You'll NEVER guess who we saw at Mass.  Seriously, NEVER.  It was Laura Pearl!  I was so sad I couldn't visit with her longer, but John Paul had run off to put money in the poor box and then go see the Mary statue outside and I wasn't exactly sure where he would end up so I had to dash...  But Laura, let me know if you'll be at our parish again!  We'll have to say more than a quick "hello" :)

Another random aside:  On the way to the Mary statue outside church, Cecilia was accosted by a random lady who didn't speak English who was just SO entranced by her adorableness that she just started hugging and kissing her and picking her up and kissing her some more and cooing over her.  Cecilia took it all in stride, but it was SO funny to me...  Thank goodness she's not afraid of strangers anymore, because she totally made this woman's day!

An attempt at a picture while staring into the sun...

And a somewhat decent picture?  Yes, Cecilia's wearing winter boots.  And you can't see it, but her dress has flowers all over it which makes it her "St. Ewizabeth of Hungawy" dress.  Yeah, I used to think John Paul was obsessed with the saints.  Now I'm pretty sure it's just all of our kids...

It's so sweet, they've been finding flowers all day and putting them in Mary's hands and at her feet.  Love it!

Photo: Mother's Day walk - frozen yogurt and playground!

We took a walk to the neighborhood frozen yogurt place and then hit the playground, and then came home and grilled our tasty steak while the kids soaked themselves in the water table.  

Pretty much a perfect weekend :)  How was YOURS?

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