What They Said: Volume 11

Monday, May 26, 2014

Twin Week!

They're the cutest lately.  I don't think there's any way to truly make you understand, but I'll try!  

Take this exchange a few weeks ago, for example:

Mary Claire, pausing while nursing to notice that Elizabeth was clever enough to bring a bunny with her:  *ear-piercing shriek* BUNNY!!!

*Mary Claire snatches the bunny and Elizabeth shrieks.  I give the bunny back to Elizabeth because we are NOT having a fight on my lap while the babies are nursing.*

Mary Claire:  Diffent bunny?
Me:  Yes, you can go get a different bunny from your room.
Mary Claire, thinking:  Dada bunny?
Me:  Maybe Dad will get you a bunny if you ask him, 'Dada, different bunny please."
Mary Claire: Nurse, please.  Biff nursing. Mama nursing. (in the past few days she started calling her "Issabiff" instead of Biff.  Both are probably better than Beef, which was her name for a while...)
Me: Yes, Elizabeth is nursing.  Would you like to nurse more?

*Goes back to nursing*

A minute later...

Mary Claire:  Bunny!  Diffent bunny!
Me: If you get down, you can go to your room and GET a different bunny.
Mary Claire:  Dada bunny?
Me: Dad's not going to get you a bunny if you don't ask.
Mary Claire: Ah done!

*Mary Claire gets down off the couch and finds a bear instead*

Mary Claire, playing pat-a-cake with the bear's hands: Pah-cake, pah-cake, AMEN!

*sits down in front of me*
Mary Claire: DOING?
Me: What are you doing, Mary Claire?
Mary Claire: Sittin'!

*Elizabeth notices Mary Claire has a bear*

Elizabeth:  Ah done!

*drops bunny on floor.  Mary Claire picks it up.  Elizabeth starts screaming.  Mary Claire now has bunny and bear.*

Me: Mary Claire, you have two animals.  Can you share?
*Mary Claire hands bear to Elizabeth*

Elizabeth:  Share!!!

This was her reaction when she saw the Mary statue in the garden...

Do you see?  They're the cutest.  Now I get why people are obsessed with twins - we're getting to the "more cute than crazy" stage!


Both babies are really into playing "Shark Attack" which is basically me "attacking" them with a shark finger puppet while singing the Jaws theme song.  But then the other day I looked over and saw Mary Claire reading a children's Bible and thrusting it into her belly...

Mary Claire:  Tuh-nuh...  Tuhhhhh-nuh...  Tuh-nuh BIBLE 'TACK!!!

And then later on in her high chair...

Mary Claire: Tuh-nuh...  Tuh-nuh, WAFFLE 'TACK!!!

There you have it.  The three fiercest creatures on earth: Shark, Bible, Waffle.


Elizabeth doesn't talk quite as much as Mary Claire, but still says a ton.  Mary Claire is more into the "repeat everything everyone says, including using the first person and correctly conjugating verbs" sort of talking, and Elizabeth is more into the "narrate everything John Paul and Cecilia do and occasionally pretend to be all the different animals" sort of talking.  Thus the following conversation:

Cecilia:  Elizabiff!  What's your favorite color?
Elizabeth: Fav-wit co-wor!
Cecilia:  Yeah, what's your favorite color?
Elizabeth: Puppy!  Arf arf!!!

Yup, my favorite, too.


And another favorite from Elizabeth - she was in her crib not going to sleep while I nursed Mary Claire in the glider.  She stood up and started rocking from side to side singing, "Iiiiiiiiiiiiii poooooooped, Iiiiiiiii poooooooped!" in the very cutest high-pitched voice ever.  

She didn't win.  I left her in the crib.


Mostly Elizabeth's favorite word is "No."  But always in the cutest way possible, like this (you might have to click out of your feed reader to watch it):

and she always has to make this face:

And before you add your link, I'll leave you with one last picture:

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