Photo Dump! Babies Eating Watermelon, and Why I Don't Even Try Anymore...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I *think* spring weather is finally here to stay!  It wasn't even *that* warm this weekend, but we got out the water table and the kids had a blast (Mary Claire may have had a bit too much of a blast - every time I looked over, she was entirely in the thing, shoes and all)!

I had taken John Paul to the grocery store, just the two of us, and he REALLY wanted to get watermelon.  So we did, because it costs pretty much nothing...  And I was expecting the babies to LOVE it, because John Paul and Cecilia always have!

Elizabeth?  Not so much.  She's kind of hilarious - she has VERY strong opinions about everything these days, but will give a very polite "No." and shake her head about things if you ask her once.  Well, watermelon got several polite "no" responses from her.  I can't help but think that she might have enjoyed it better if she had tried the other end?  But we suggested, and she said "no" again...

Mary Claire was willing to take a bite, I think?  Mostly she was interested in getting as messy as possible.  The bib was her idea.  Clearly it worked wonders.

She is hilarious.  The babies are really into "Is Your Mama a Llama" these days, and if I ask Elizabeth the question she'll give me a very emphatic, nose-wrinkling "NOOOOOOOO!"  Adorable.

I think he probably ate more than half of it (we only got a quarter, I NEVER remember to use up the rest of it if we get a whole watermelon...).

Also, nice style, eh?

I was trying to get Mary Claire, but Cecilia was convinced she was my focus.

So she started posing...

And I had to try to get a picture!  

I did get *some* water table action - Mary Claire wanted to go for full immersion, John Paul and Cecilia wanted to fill the bucket and make the spinny thing spin, and Elizabeth?

She just stood there calmly with the same cup, scooping and pouring, scooping and pouring, a look of determination on her face the entire time.


And I was determined to get a WIWS this weekend, since my sister keeps complaining every time I don't...  So we dashed in the house and handed the camera to Andrew, who forgot that you can turn the camera on its side to get a full body-shot?

But it didn't matter anyway, since we kept being divebombed by sobbing babies who wanted to nurse, and me in a DISTINCTLY non-nursing-friendly dress...

And this is why I never get pictures anymore...


Too sad to stand up.


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