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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Soooo before we knew we were having baby #5, I wanted to take some steps to make the early stages of pregnancy a little easier on all of us.  Things were BAD when I was pregnant with John Paul.  Not so bad with Cecilia, but really pretty bad again when I was pregnant with the twins...  I was researching what supplements to take to avoid bad morning sickness and I happened upon this blog post on the REAL cause of morning sickness.  It sold me!  I wasn't really willing to take a million different supplements, but magnesium oil?  I thought I could do that.


Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil 8 oz.

Magnesium Oil

I've been using this once or twice a day, and started pretty much right when we found out we were expecting.  I had read that you should start before you got pregnant, so I was a little concerned that it wouldn't make a difference.  But it has had a HUGE effect on my cravings, food aversions, and overall nausea.  It's not gone completely, but for the first time in ANY of my pregnancies, I actually want to eat meat.  And the smell of onions and garlic doesn't make me want to puke.

Come to think of it, I haven't puked AT ALL this pregnancy, and I'm 14 weeks along now!  That is some kind of miracle.

I still feel gross overall and have good days and bad days.  But it's SO much better than it has been in the past, and I'm convinced it's the magnesium oil!

It's a little sticky-feeling on my legs if I don't do a good job wiping it off.  But I'll take sticky over puking and confined to the couch ANY DAY.

Apparently you can make your own spray too, and pretty easily.  It's just a cup of Magnesium Bath Flakes dissolved in a cup of hot, distilled water.  Mix.  Spray.  Repeat.  Whenever my spray runs out, I'll probably make my own because it's cheaper.  But considering I've been using it for 10 weeks and have *maybe* used an ounce or two, I think it'll be a while!


I don't usually have problems with pregnancy insomnia, but for some reason it's been hitting me hard this time around.  So when Lisa told Ana about Sleepy Dust, I forgot about it for a while.  But then I remembered and I made it (okay, my own version which is just organic sugar with kosher salt because that's what I had on hand...) and it's been working great!

Easy fix.  And tasty, too!


Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almond

 A student brought me these the other day and ooooohhhh they are so good!  I want to eat them all immediately.  Right now.  I wish I hadn't left them in my office, and I may eat the rest of them tomorrow.  They are good.  Really good.  Really, really good.


Okay this one has nothing to do with pregnancy...

SpiceStack Organizer

It sits in my cabinet and ORGANIZES ALL MY SPICES!  I am totally incapable of remembering where anything is, but this makes it SO much easier.  And they have all different sizes for different types of cabinets.  The only problem is that I can't put Costco-sized containers in the slots, but I just transfer them to smaller containers and it works fine.  We've have the same one since we got married and it's lasted almost 6 years and through 4 moves and is still doing great.


And while I'm on an Amazon kick, have you used the website Camel Camel Camel?  I swear I've used this as a favorite before, but I keep forgetting it exists...  You paste the url of whatever product on Amazon to check price trends before you buy, so you know that the $10 measuring cup you need is USUALLY $4 and you just need to wait for the price to drop (or set up an alert so you buy it when it's your target price).  Amazing.

Thank you for anything you buy through my Amazon links!  I get a (very) small percentage of the cost of whatever is purchased through my links, which helps me buy books by other bloggers!

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