Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In an effort to record the individual personalities of these sweet children, I'm going to attempt the "52 Project" I've seen some of my other blogger friends do - one photo of each kid, once a week. This week's theme, except for Peter, is apparently "eyelashes" ;)

(And all these pictures were taken last week, so it counts as the first week for me! And since the link-up is still open, I'm linking up with Micaela for Theme Thursday, on a Tuesday... Because I tried to go for "Rule of Thirds" on some of these pictures!)

Cecilia (4 years 11 months) spends so much time doing her own thing these days - leading the twins in some ridiculous game with their baby dolls, reading quietly on the couch, exploring some of the new board games we got for Christmas... She's not quite 5, but I think she's an old soul.

John Paul (6 years 5 months) is lucky enough to have my little brother living nearby right now, so he always has somebody willing to play board games with him (and to deal with his constant cheating, and to let him win). He gets pretty emotional about the outcome, which reminds us all of what my little brother was like at the same age!

Peter (13 months) hasn't napped regularly... Ever? But he's much happier now that he can walk, and is working his way to running! He adores cheese, and the only time I can count on a little bit of a break from him is when he's in his high chair eating.

Mary Claire (3 years 1 month) has been making up all sorts of ridiculous games with Elizabeth - right here they had taken all their "jelly bears" (plastic counting bears) up to the bathroom to drop each through the holes in the stool and then have them each "use the potty" in a little bucket. Twins sure do amuse themselves!

Elizabeth (3 years 1 month) is absolutely enamored of her baby cousin, who's only a few months younger than Peter. She talks about her in a dreamy tone of voice, telling everybody how CUTE Catherine is. She's fine with Peter, but she really loves Catherine.

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