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Sunday, January 3, 2016

You might have "spirited" children if...

Your almost-5-year-old drops the baby when she's carrying him in the aisle, making him bang his head on the side of the pew...

You take the crying baby out and look into the chapel to see your 3-year-old and 5-year-old playing tug of war with a teething rosary...

You tell the older kids they can stay in the chapel for a few minutes to pray in front of the nativity, then have to go retrieve them because they're wrestling in front of the communion rail... (Elizabeth was trying to climb to get closer, Cecilia was trying to get her to stop)

Your baby insists on playing "drop the board book" as the only way to keep relatively quiet during Mass...

You have to drag children through the parking lot screaming, "But I WANT A TREAT!!! I WAS OKAY!!!"

So. That was today. And I only had 3/5 of the kids, my mom had the other two.

We survived?

(Last week's pictures below - it's 30 degrees cooler this week than it was last Sunday!)

Please appreciate the complete mess all around, Elizabeth's preoccupation with opening her Hershey kiss, and Mary Claire's crying.

Me: Do you really want to be in a picture?
Mary Claire: YES!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Even though you're crying?
Mary Claire: YES!!!!!!!!

So. She was in it, by golly.

Also the fact that Mary Claire and Elizabeth are wearing last year's Christmas jumpers and Cecilia is wearing a summer dress. Way to go, El Nino.

Mary Claire got over her sadness immediately, as you can see...

Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple, because I like to keep with my tradition of sharing what a complete and total mess we are every week at Mass. But hey, Jesus was still there! Merry Christmas!

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