3/52: Snow Days

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We finally had our first *real* snow of the winter and boy, was it a doozy! At least 33 inches here, much more in some drifts, and the kids are having an absolute blast in it!

Peter (14 months) still hasn't been out in it, but he's loving the fact that there are shoes all over the place that he can carry around the house!

Andrew built a little sled run on one of the piles of snow from where our neighbor plowed our driveway (nicest kid ever!) and we tried using storage bin lids and the Bilibo to go down it, but the snow is still so soft that it hasn't been working that well. They still had a ton of fun, though!

Mary Claire (3 years 2 months) was ecstatic in this picture - right afterwards she told me, "I tumbled!!!" and tried to go down again.

Elizabeth (3 years 2 months) has the least tolerance for cold out of all the kids, and hasn't been willing to spend much time in the snow because her hands get "damp" (cold...), but she still had a ton of fun sledding for a bit!

John Paul (6.5) is totally in his element with all his snow. He's spending a ton of time outside, which is awesome because he's old enough to put on all his gear by himself (game changer!). He's been blazing new trails throughout the yard in the unbroken snow, and I'm hoping I can take him down to the pond tomorrow and we can find some animal tracks in the snow.

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