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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I've pretty much given up on trying to write any year-in-review posts this year - those things take FOREVER for me! But I do get a kick out of finding out what a blogger's most popular posts were for a given year, so here are mine for 2015, based solely on views per post:

#5: Winter Mom Uniform: Nursing-Friendly Dresses

Seriously, I'm still wearing most of these outfits this winter and they're SO comfy, flattering, and easy to nurse in!

#4: The Romper Post

This will forever be the most awkward post I've ever written. And it continues to get daily page views from such ingenious searches as "chunky mom" and "mom in shorts" so... I guess that's flattering? But I promised I'd do it if I hit 500 "likes" on Facebook because I wanted to stick it to the man and not pay for advertisement... And I did.

#3: Stitch Fix #2

My Stitch Fix review posts get a lot of hits, period - smart shoppers google the styles that are going out for the current month to see if there's anything they want to request from their stylists. I don't think it's a particularly engaging posts, but as you can see from my #3, #4, and #5 posts, the fashion posts get a lot of traffic.

#2: That Time We Bought a Farm

In which we made a crazy, life-changing decision to become complete stereotypes: Homeschooling, homesteading Catholics. So hipster. Much chickens.

#1: My #1 Parenting Tip

One of my few posts that has actually been shared somewhat on the internet, hence the number of hits... And still a reminder I could probably use daily!

I'm going to link these up with Ashley at The Big White Farmhouse for 5 Favorites - go link up yourself, you could win a prize!

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