Monday, January 18, 2016

I don't know what we do that makes everybody in this family love books so much - in a normal day the kids spend a TON of time reading and looking at books, so that's what I focused on this week:

Peter (14 months) is obsessed with a select few board books, and demands them LOUDLY in his best scream. Over. and over. again. and again. Much of the time it's the only thing that will calm him down! We'll just say he's a bookworm...

John Paul (6.5) has always been crazy about books, and I used Christmas money from my grandmother to get all the kids the complete My Book House set (for cheaper on ebay) - it was such a good purchase! We read them multiple times a day and have been using them a ton for homeschooling, too. The big kids love them best so far, but I know they're going to be a huge treasure for us for years to come.

Elizabeth (3 years 2 months) is in that sweet phase where she'll happily listen to board books *and* longer picture books. Current favorites include Jan Brett, Spot, and anything princess-related.

Mary Claire (3 years 2 months) and Elizabeth often spend a lot of their reading time fighting over who gets to sit on my lap or my mom's lap. The extreme ANGER at the fact that one twin might be taking up a whole lap instead of just one leg is hilarious and obnoxious, too... But sometimes we hit on just the right arrangement so that there's no fussing, just rapt attention.

Cecilia (4 years 11 months) is reading quite well on her own, but still brings princess book after princess book to everyone to read to her. She also got a beautiful sticker book for Christmas from my sister, and has been asking me to read the little snippets about fashion around the world to her, then wants to discuss our favorite outfits. Over and over again. 

And one extra picture of the four oldest kids, who had created a "car" which John Paul was driving, apparently not very well... No reading at the wheel, kid!

(And that book! It could be our homeschool curriculum by itself! Amazing.)

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