2016: The Year of Reading?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Every once in a while, I make the unfortunate mistake of getting out of the habit of reading books. Part of it is not having a bed to myself - my very favorite place to read has always been in bed, and with a baby who has been sharing it for 13+ months, books ain't happening. Part of it is the children who immediately remove any bookmark I place in a book, or just take whatever book it is for themselves, leaving me with nothing to read... And part of it is laziness on my part - it's easier to sit around scrolling my phone instead of being intentional about spending time reading.

No more!

This year, by golly, I'm getting back into the reading habit. And since the best way to hold myself accountable is by blogging about it, I might as well set a goal right here in an attempt to ensure this goal is met!

So what's on my list? Well, given the choice... I'll read fluffy young adult books about princesses. But there are a lot of meaty books that I'd really like to sink my teeth into, so in addition to the fluff, here's my list for now:


Hannah Coulter - Every woman I know who has read this has loved it, and a copy was passed on to me by a friend. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Kristin Lavransdatter - Again, every woman I know has read and loved it... Except my sister, who hated it but I'm pretty sure she was reading the wrong translation. Also it's crazy-long. I kind of love crazy-long books because I never want books to end!

I may very well re-read Gone With the Wind, also... It's been years since I've read it, and it's just so very good!


Transforming the Difficult Child - Recommended by a teacher, and that's all I'm going to say about that except that, well, we have at least one "difficult" child. Sigh.

The Out-of-Sync Child - I started this one from the library but haven't had a chance to finish it. But I think it's going to be good - one of those things where I literally only had to read a list of characteristics and suddenly realized, "That is my child. That explains everything." I'm hoping for life-changing? Because goodness knows we could use help...


The Religious Potential of the Child - I'm still trying to better understand the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program that John Paul and Cecilia love so much, and figure out how we can fit this into our home a little bit.

For the Children's Sake - This is highly recommended by Charlotte Mason enthusiasts - I'm excited to read what's described as life-changing & a must-read.

Spiritual Reading:

The Reed of God - Because my sister says it's basically the most amazing book ever. But I'm really bad at spiritual reading... So let's hope I can actually make this happen!


Pioneer Girl - I got this for Christmas and am excited to have all the time I need to finish it! I failed last year because it was a library loan that expired before I got past the first 30 pages or so... It's dense but good, and who doesn't love Little House on the Prairie?

We'll see what else I add to the list - what are you reading this year?

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