Jumping On the Blanket Scarf Bandwagon {WIWS}

Sunday, January 10, 2016

This is the 3rd season in a row where "blanket scarves" have been a thing. So I, not being one to jump on the trend bandwagon until it's practically over, finally got one! Solely because I was getting my sister one for Christmas and I wanted us to match, sort of...

I was planning on making one, actually, using this tutorial (and I still might!), but there's no fabric store nearby and I really want to see fabric in person, so I'll have to wait until I make a trip to the city about 30 minutes north of us...

Anyway, I ordered this one for me (which is obviously not exactly the same as the one they sent me, but I still love it so whatever) and a different color for my sister, and I've been wearing it nonstop because it is cold here and man, these things are practical!

Seriously voluminous, so easy to hide the baby who wanted to nurse all during Mass (he's almost 14 months. He eats real food. He just loves loves loves to nurse.). And Peter and I coordinated pretty nicely, right?

Cecilia, on the other hand... Well, she's about to outgrow that dress so I suppose it needed a last hurrah?

Incidentally, that hat is the same one from my sidebar picture, which I got in college and now has a hole in it, sadly... But I didn't notice until we were on the way out the door.

(Confession: That sidebar picture of me is from college, just like the hat. But I pretty much look the same, right?)

(Another confession: The top of that bookshelf... Oh, I despair. I need to just throw it all in a laundry basket and sort it, but there are all sorts of odds and ends that got shoved up there to keep them away from the twins! Tell me I'm not the only one?)

(Final confession: This is last week's picture. Again. Because this is the only way these posts happen, but I know you don't mind!)

Happy Sunday! Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday :)

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