2/52/2018: January Brings the... Warmth?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We had what we thought was our last REALLY cold day last week (little did we know it would freeze again almost immediately after the thaw), but it gave the kids lots of nice indoor opportunities to play with their presents from Epiphany. It's always nice to be able to bring those out once the excitement from Christmas has started to die down - and then the excitement all comes back! 

Then the warm weather set in... I mean REALLY warm weather! They were out there in bare feet and shorts! And we got a little tiny taste of how muddy it'll be this spring. Not my favorite part of that season, that's for sure. We're getting lots of use out of the little jungle gym from Grandpa, which I was hoping would happen. Now we just need it to STAY warm for long enough that they can start spending every day outside. Edith is in absolute heaven watching the animals and crawling around in the grass (because she STILL refuses to walk), and I know we'll all be much happier when we start getting a whole lot more vitamin D on a daily basis.

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