Taming the Grumpy Baby's Tummy

Monday, January 29, 2018

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Yogurt but the content and opinions expressed are my own.

Edith has never been the happiest baby in the world, despite her appearance in pictures. She's very... particular. She likes to be held all the time. But only facing outward. She likes to read books. But SHE has to be the one to turn pages, throwing the book to the floor when she's done (and screaming for you to pick it up again). The list could go on and on.

A couple of months ago, though, she turned even grumpier. I didn't think it was possible.

No teeth on the horizon, her sleep was about the same as usual (meaning, still bad), and she wasn't on the verge of any new milestones (unless you count the walking she refuses to even attempt, despite being capable).

Ah, though, every time she needed to go #2?


The poor, poor, sweet girl was in pain. It's like a switch had flipped with her solid foods and she was suddenly eating a lot more - her body just couldn't quite adjust to the change.

We went through this issue with a couple of the other kids, and it was mostly just a matter of getting their muscles used to doing a little more work. But as things continued, time wasn't solving the problem.

She went on a round of antibiotics to help clear up a raging double ear infection, and wound up even grumpier afterwards! Her pediatrician recommended yogurt to help with her tummy issues, warning against "kids" yogurt, which are often full of artificial sweeteners and junk. All the other kids adore yogurt, so it's hard to keep in the fridge! When I saw that Happy Family had just started offering a line of baby yogurts, I was interested - maybe I could get something that the older kids wouldn't gobble down immediately?

Y'all, it's perfect! Actual whole-milk yogurt (I have such a tough time finding whole-milk yogurt!), no added sweeteners, plenty of probiotics, non-GMO, AND USDA Organic! They have them at our local Walmart, and right now there's a pretty great offer available so you can try Happy Baby Yogurt at a reduced price.

It's easy to find with all the other yogurt!

We decided to try a taste test and see what the baby's favorite was (and everybody else's) - I had grand plans to make her drink water in between each bite to clear her palate, but she wasn't having that. Of course!

First, plain. She was... Not pleased. At first. Then she got some on her fingers, and was willing to try a little more.

We moved on to blueberry, and she turned her head at first... Then got SO HAPPY when I managed to sneak a little into her mouth! Blueberry was a big hit - she kept reaching for the spoon to get me to feed her more.

Banana potato (sweet potato) resulted in this unsure expression as she tasted it, but eventually...

She wanted more!

We tried peach mango last, and I had to crack up at how very serious she was about her taste testing. Look at that face!

She wanted more!

She doesn't really talk, but I think blueberry was her favorite? All the other kids tried every flavor and had different opinions - three preferred peach mango and one loved banana potato. They're jealous that the baby gets special yogurt!

I don't know if it's normal for it to work as quickly as it did, but that day everything seemed to be loosened up and she had no diaper issues! She was far, far more cheerful the next day, as well. Let's hope this keeps up! We'll keep up with the yogurt regimen for a little while, I think - with the current deal (earn $1 for each 6-pack of yogurt you purchase), it's super-affordable. And it's not often you find something babies think is delicious that doesn't have a ton of junk in it! No added sweeteners, just wholesome ingredients.

Have you battled tummy troubles with any of your babies? Are yours as yogurt-obsessed as mine? 

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