3/52/2018: Bath Time!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The other day I caught Peter in the upstairs bathroom, sink stopped up and full of water, wet up to his armpits and all down his front. He was playing with his new bath toys that he had gotten for Christmas and had barely played with because, well, we don't do a lot of baths...

SO, I decided that rather than clean up water off the floor multiple times a day, I'd just let him strip down and play in the tub for as long as he wanted. And then the twins wanted to join in! They all had a blast and did it several times last week. It's definitely a good way to break up the day and keep them out of a *little* trouble.

While I was upstairs with them, I had to grab the camera and take some pictures - the light is SO much better upstairs than downstairs, because there's no covered porch stealing all the sunlight that would normally fill the room. Edith insisted on hamming it up for a few shots before she tried to steal the camera out of my hands!

(Also, if you need some really amazing bath toys, these three sets are AWESOME - Affiliate links here: Cloud, tubes, and gears)

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