If You Want a Challenge, You Need to Read 'Above All' - Here's Why Take Up & Read's Study for Lent is Their Best Yet!

Monday, January 15, 2018

I've been through periods of time in my life where I've hit a spiritual standstill. I'm just not sure exactly where to take my prayer life next to get out of this rut, this spot of comfort to which I've somehow arrived.

Take Up & Read helped me dust off my Bible and get more comfortable leafing through the pages, searching for different verses. Is it easier to look up a verse on my phone or computer? Yes. But that hasn't provided me with the new-found fluency I've gotten from actually picking up my Bible every day. The first three studies are great, if you haven't seen them already. But this Lent study?




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They hit it out of the park. Lent has always been a spiritually fruitful season for me in general, but the compelling essays in this study are bound to convict you in the best possible way. Elizabeth Foss's words on pride, her spot-on essay on acedia, and the incredibly thoughtful examination of conscience at the back of the book will force you to look at every aspect of your life with critical, but loving eyes. You'll be inspired and motivated to become your absolute truest self, the truest possible daughter, mother, wife, friend, aunt, teacher, sister. I guarantee you'll look differently at the areas of your life you may have pushed to the back burner.

If you're ready to take a good, hard look at how you're showing God's love to yourself and those around you, Above All will show you exactly where you need to prune yourself so that come Easter, you can flourish as God intended.
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As a bonus, profits for this journal will be donated to Adore Ministries for Houston hurricane relief.

I'll be using Above All along with the children's activities for part of our family catechesis this Lent - you can read more about our plans here.

You can buy your copy of Above All on Amazon, visit the blog for Take Up & Read here, and connect on Facebook and Instagram as well. This study is suitable for men and women. I received no compensation for this review - I helped a little tiny bit with edits and got to preview the study while doing so. You can find their other studies here.

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