12 Top Posts of 2017

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 was not a year of a ton of blogging... For the most part, I got my two posts per week published (the Week by Week posts & My Sunday Best) and not much else. There's just a lot of life going on, and not a lot of overflow time for blogging. If nothing else, I'm really happy that I got the weekly posts done because we'll be able to look back on those memories for years to come! Based solely on page views, here are the posts that ended up being most viewed in 2017:

12. My Sunday Best: Birthday Girl

11. Pancakes and Surgery

10. My Sunday Best: Let's Talk About Racism

9. My Sunday Best: My Car is Enormous (with a sweet poem, which must be why this one got so many hits?)

8. Chapter Books for Young Readers: Timeless Favorites for Boys AND Girls

7. My Sunday Best: A New Family Member

6. Pattern Mixing and a Game Day Recipe

5. My Best Stitch Fix Box Ever

4. Edith's Birth Story

3. Exercise for Lazy Moms

2. An Age by Age Gift Guide

1. Catholic Artisan Gift Guide

Here's to a new year that will probably be filled with more of the same!

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