26/52: When the Cats Are Away

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Last week the older four kids had Vacation Bible School at our parish, which meant I was down to only TWO kids, and it was as weird and as glorious as you might imagine. 

(Okay, I only had them for a few days, then Andrew and I went out of town for our anniversary, thanks to my mom and sister being awesome and holding down the fort!)

Peter had been devastated the week before when he saw Cecilia using her paints and realized HE never got to paint (because painting usually happens when he's in bed) and WHY DOESN'T HE HAVE HIS OWN SET OF PAINTS???

So Amazon prime came to the rescue and Peter got some quality painting and train time in during Edith's naps. It's amazing to see how different personalities come through when it comes to watercolors - I don't think he got more than a single drop of paint on his shirt, he was so meticulous! Although I had to coach him to stop painting the exact same part of the paper over and over again... His first masterpiece was a dark cloud, which he then surrounded with a purple sky. The next day's creation was more of an abstract work.

And now I don't have to let him paint again for months, right??

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