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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I've been spending prooooobably too much time browsing Amazon Prime Day deals, and had to share some of my findings with you! I've been posting them on Facebook, but I know you're not all on social media, so here's what I think is worth looking into!

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For the bookish:

How do you solve the problem of too many books and not enough shelf space? Kindle to the rescue!
If you feel like you never have a chance to read books anymore, a Kindle Paperwhite might change your life (I seriously read 30+ books on mine every year, it's way more manageable than hard copies during this season of life).
The original Kindle is also here, perfect for kids who are insatiable readers (you can download library books onto it and then put it in airplane mode so they can't access others).
And we *love* using our Fire Tablet to download audio books and music—connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for screen-free entertainment.

Of course, you still need actual books. And once again, there's a great book deal for Prime Day! Use code PRIMEBOOKS18 for $5 a $20+ book order (books must be shipped by Amazon, no third-party sellers).

I like to use these high-value coupons on box sets, like this awesome history graphic novel set (perfect for reluctant readers, too!), or one of our favorite series, The Mysterious Benedict Society. We love our copy of Farm Anatomy, so I always recommend Julia Rothman's books. Or you could pick up this sweet new Scripture study for yourself!

For crafty souls:

The kids are always making "books" out of construction paper and staples, which really just ends up in paper scraps and staples all over the floor, plus lots of crying because they can't get the pages straight. I think these mini-books will bring a lot of peace to my craft-lovers!

Tons of different art supplies are going in and out of lightning deals - I'm not going to link to specifics because the deals will be gone by the time you clicked, but you can browse them all here. We especially get a ton of use out of gel pens, and several types of canvases have gone on sale that I stocked up on for this school year.

There are quite a few craft kits on sale, and I like getting these for the kids because they're mostly disposable! I'm putting this rock painting kit away from the twins for their November birthday (although ALL the kids are going to want to do it, so maybe it'll be a birthday activity for everyone?), and am putting this set of Play Doh to give to the kids on one of the 12 days of Christmas. This little sewing animals set is pretty tempting too, but I think we have enough sewing supplies right now.

For the kitchen:

Have you been waiting for the Instant Pot to go on sale? Are you skeptical of everyone who keeps singing the praises of this mysterious kitchen gadget?
I cook for 9 people every night, and the Instant Pot has been a game changer for me!
My 7yo can cook rice all by herself. Our farm fresh eggs steam in minutes and peel more easily than any eggs I've ever had! I can brown & cook cheap cuts of meat in an hour without heating up our 19th (non-air conditioned 😩) farmhouse kitchen. Bone broth takes a couple of hours, rather than being a multi-day affair. A whole frozen chicken can cook in an hour!!!
Can you do without it? Absolutely. But if you've been curious, now's the time to jump on this amazing deal! It looks like the 6qt is gone (although it's been going in and out of stock since it broke the internet when Amazon launched the deal yesterday), but the 8 qt is great for large families/large quantities

I'm this close to ordering a french press, I know it makes a superior cup of coffee but I've been fighting the possibility of becoming a coffee snob for years... At the same time, I love me a STRONG cup of coffee, and I know a french press can do that for me! This one gets good reviews and is almost 50% off right now.

I love my Ninja blender. LOVE IT. I upgraded a few years ago from an old blender that never really worked, and now I use this all the time, and it's a breeze to clean! Only $49.99 right now.

Toys and Games

Melissa and Doug has lots of toys deeply discounted right now - see the full list here. Some of our favorites are these dress-up shoes, which tend to get worn nonstop by any visiting little girls (and sometimes boys!), this cookie baking set, which has been in constant use in our house for... 5 years? And these pattern blocks come out when I'm getting school done with the older kids and need the little ones quiet - usually buys me 15-20 minutes at least!

We have this dome climber and LOVE it - it's 15% off when you add it to your cart, which brings the total below $150. It's perfect for small spaces, and works awesome for ages 3+ (our oldest is 9 and uses it a ton, I'm not sure how old kids would need to be to age out of it).

I've been wanting to try kinetic sand for a really long time. I mean, I've been wanting to let the KIDS try it... Anyway, this looks nice and contained, and I think any mess will be worth the potential amount of quiet time this will buy me?

Clothes & Fashion

I haven't been finding a ton of good clothing deals, but I just clicked this on a whim and this boys' suit set is CHEAP and looks really nice! Ordering it for John Paul for next year, and probably the year after as well! It's seersucker but comes in lots of other colors. I'm excited!

At this stage in the game, shipping is going to be SLOW anyway. You might as well give Amazon workers a little bit of a break and click "no rush shipping" if you don't need things soon! You'll get a little credit towards electronic purchases (music, kindle books), but you're also taking some pressure off those workers :)

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