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Friday, July 13, 2018

Woohoo, Amazon Prime Day is on Monday! Some people consider it as good as Black Friday sales, but in July. I tend to agree, but with the added benefit of it happening during the summer when it's too hot to do much of anything but sit in front of the air conditioning and wonder why you were so excited for warm weather...

We've gotten some awesome deals in the past, particularly when it comes to stocking up on Christmas and birthday presents. Just don't over-purchase and then forget what gifts you've already bought...
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First, if you're curious about my product recommendations in general, you can check out my page here, where I've compiled several lists of our favorite books, board games, toys, and general household products. I'm betting quite a few of those items will be on sale this weekend!


For family fun, board games are a Christmas staple at our house, and Amazon usually significantly discounts quite a few leading up to Prime Day and also on the actual day. I've got a list of our family favorites here, and I'm looking to add to the collection, depending on what's on sale!

I'm also keeping my eye on musical instruments—we got this ukulele last year when it went on sale and we've gotten so much use out of it! 


Kitchen appliances are a HUGE discount area on Prime Day. If you haven't jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon but you've been considering it, it's highly likely you'll find at least one size heavily discounted on Prime Day (and if you don't have one yet, consider the fact that it makes it easy for kids to cook things without bending over a hot stove... Mine can make rice unassisted now, which is pretty awesome!).

Blenders (LOVE my Ninja), electric griddles, spiralizers (I'm on the lookout for one!), stick blenders (perfect for quickly pureeing soups and sauces) are all likely to be deeply discounted. If you're weird like me and really dig kitchen gadgets as Christmas presents, this is your chance for some awesome deals!


Every year Amazon has a high-value book coupon on Prime Day, so take a look at different box sets (like this history graphic novel set, which is already a great deal and a HUGE hit with every kid I know!) and start adding them to your cart so you can see if the price is reduced or are ready to use a coupon on them!

Update: use PRIMEBOOKS18 for $5 off a $20+ book purchase!

Are you already a Prime member? If not, you can try it free for 30 days, take advantage of the deals, and then discontinue if it's not for you!


Electronic gadgets aren't really my thing, but I've gotten a TON of use out of our Kindle Fire and Bluetooth speaker. I also use my Kindle Paperwhite every day, and wouldn't be able to read nearly as many books as I do if it weren't for that. Kindle products will very likely be on sale, as well as all the Alexa and Echo products (what even are those? I don't know...). Kindles are SUCH a huge help for homeschooling, in my opinion - we listen to audio books and music through ours all the time, and it's nice being able to download all those to the Kindle instead of cluttering up my phone.

Update: ALL Kindle products are on sale, and you get early access to this deal!


Two years ago there was a "fashion" coupon but I don't believe there was last year. I'm hoping they have one again, because it's a good opportunity to get nice shoes (particularly for kids!) for an awesome price.


Some of our favorite toys always end up going on sale, as well—we always add some Magformers to our collection every Christmas, so I'm hoping one of the sets we don't already have will go on sale (this car set is really fun if you need a small one to add to your toy stash). 

Outdoor toys like scooters and swings will likely show up in deals as well! And I like to stock up on are supplies—watercolor paper and paints, construction paper, our favorite colored pencils... So many options!

Anything in particular you're hoping to score during Prime Day sales? Baby gear? Toys & games? I'll be updating here and on Facebook & Instagram with the deals I find throughout the day on Monday!

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  1. These are awesome recommendations, Rosie!I think I got my IP during prime day as well.

    1. The deals are impossible to pass up sometimes! I use mine *all* the time :)

  2. I always keep like 6 different books in my cart before Prime Day specifically so I can use whatever coupon comes up. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I will look that one up! I think the kids would get SUCH a kick out of one!


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