27/52: Fireworks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I *almost* got a picture of all the kids watching our lame driveway fireworks display. Almost.

Elizabeth was ready! She was NOT going to be afraid this year! I even coached Edith and Peter about how it would be bright and loud and go "POP POP POP, BOOM BOOM BOOM!" and be really pretty, and they were totally fine with everything. Elizabeth was prepped with her fingers in her ears. But the second the first set of fireworks started making noise, Elizabeth ran inside for the... Fourth year in a row? We'll get there by adulthood!

I couldn't stop cracking up at how adorable my 3-year-old niece was, jumping up and down and chanting, "FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS!!!" over and over again. Maybe next year will be our no-fear year?

We ended up not going to any big fireworks displays this year... The one nearest to our house did their show on June 30 (seriously guys??) and Andrew and I were out of town and didn't realize until we got back. But nobody complained, and the neighbors didn't set off too many loud illegal fireworks, so it was a pretty good July 4th! No injuries, no night wakings, and I'm not sure we can really ask for anything more?

(Also: Yes, John Paul is wearing athletic shorts with a button-down. He really likes dressing in patriotic colors for July 4th and I guess I dropped the ball on having a coordinated outfit available for him this year!)

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