ThredUp's New Goody Box Service: Treasure or Trainwreck?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I tried ThredUp's new Goody Box service a few months ago... Here's how it went!

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When I heard about ThredUp's new Goody Box service, I was pretty excited. Stitch Fix-style service, for a fraction of the price, and ethical (secondhand) to boot? Sign me up!

You start out by selecting up to 4 types of items you'd like them to send (I don't love this, but it probably makes it easier for them to sort through inventory). Give them your sizes, price range, and general style, then let them know which brands you typically like to buy. 

You leave them preferences next - things to avoid, your general lifestyle, your Pinterest board... I said, "I'm nursing my current youngest, so dresses need to be nursing-friendly - shirt dresses, crossover necklines, etc." and also told them that I live on a farm and need things that I can wear in the garden. Natural fibers, please! I said (foreshadowing right here, this did NOT happen).

Give them your credit card information and they'll charge you a $20 styling fee (currently cut to $10, definitely take advantage of that while you can!), then the box arrives a few weeks later. Timing isn't super-fast, so be aware that you won't know exactly when your box will arrive, which can get annoying compared to Stitch Fix's scheduled service.

I saved a few favorites on the site, and also sent my Pinterest style board. Here's what they sent:

Land's End dress, $29.99

NOT even a little bit nursing-friendly. Plus too big. I do like the style, but it was a no.

DKNY button-down, $32.99
Harold's silk skirt, $16.99

HECK no I'm not paying $32.99 for a secondhand shirt. It actually fit really well, but I don't wear pink. The skirt was a very dated print, not my style at all.

Nope and nope.

Muse casual dress, $23.99

This dress was actually really flattering and fit perfectly, but I didn't like the print or the color AND it wasn't nursing-friendly. Nope!

Ralph Lauren dress, $44.99

This was awkwardly tight without being even a little bit flattering. Plus expensive for secondhand. No thanks.

American Living dress, $18.99

ACK you guys, this dress wanted to fall open AND was a terrible color on me. No no no no no, although I did love that it was linen.

London Times dress, $26.99

Another not-my-style dress that looked okay, but still wasn't actually nursing-friendly. Really, stylist, I gave you pretty clear instructions... Don't worry, you'll see how those instructions were interpreted later.

Guess long-sleeved blouse, $20.99
Old Navy skirt, $7.99

My girls LOVED this top, but it was way too pink for me, plus had a weird cutout in the back and was awkwardly tight. The skirt, though, is a good staple and a good price! Kept that one.

Jealous Tomato blouse, $16.99

What even is this top, you guys? It had... Bell sleeves? But not quite? And they were really, really long and had a ton of lace on the ends, and also the bottom was kind of like a mobius strip and the neckline went down to my bellybutton. Needless to say, no thank you.

Criss Cross blouse, $11.99

Let's talk about unflattering, shall we? This makes me look like I have a potbelly. WHY exactly did they take my instructions on how to make sure a dress is nursing-friendly and interpret it as, "SHIRTS WITH NECKLINES DOWN TO THE NAVEL ONLY PLEASE"?

Collective Concepts blouse, $16.99

I actually really like this top! It looks exactly like one I had pinned to my Pinterest board, so way to go, stylist! Kept this.

White House Black Market top, $15.99

Not exactly something that fits with my lifestyle, though I totally would have worn it in college!

J. Crew button-down, $17.99

I actually really love this top and favorited one just like it, but I'd also *just* gotten one like it, so it went back. Otherwise I would have kept it, I really like J. Crew button-downs.

All in all, I ended up spending $24.98. I was feeling really disheartened when I shipped everything back, but then I realized that it's actually nice not to have spent money on all those things only to have to return them - if I hadn't wanted to keep anything, I only would have been out $10. And my card wasn't charged for anything until everything was returned, so there was no waiting for refunds. 

I gave them some feedback and am trying another box soon, hoping that they'll do a little better this time!  

Here's what I told them:

I feel like my Treasure Hunter really, really didn't understand what I was asking for... It's possible for clothes to be nursing-friendly without reaching all the way down to my navel. And when I asked for casual things I could wear on our farm, polyester and chiffon didn't exactly fit the bill. I was pretty disappointed in this box.

What do you think? Would you try a ThredUp Goody Box? Have you already tried it? I love the idea in theory, and will definitely try it again, but I found the execution this time... Lacking. Order one here!


  1. My goody box was kind of a train wreck, but it did include a few things I loved. The gray cardigan and rusty orange pullover alone were worth it. But one piece especially made me go "Really? Padded shoulders? Who wears those any more?" And others made me regret that I mentioned my age, because some of the stuff would have worked for my 98-year-old mother.

    1. It's true, you've gotten tons of wear out of the gray cardigan alone! I'm wondering if not mentioning your age would mean you got a lot of things that were way too young for you, though...

    2. You have to mention your age, so that isn't an option. We'll see how the next goody box works!

  2. Your face in these pictures! It stinks that the box didn't work out that well, but your expressions are the best.

    Isn't it funny how you can often tell if something is going to work even before you look in the mirror? Just by how it feels?

    1. It was especially amazing because all three girls were "helping" take the pictures, and every single outfit I came out in they thought was SO BEAUTIFUL and they REALLY WANTED ME TO KEEP IT!

  3. This is just the best. Thanks for the witty commentary and priceless facial expressions in the pictures. You’ve inspired me to try the box. 😃

    1. OOH can we come over and help you try everything on??

  4. Your expressions! The stylist totally missed your instructions and agree with the pricepoint. Too expensive for a secondhand item..... Nothing truly beats going to goodwill but who has time to treasure hunt :( sadly not me.
    As for the "too much pink", they missed you again. Your stylist should have sent that box to me ;)

    1. I know, and the secondhand stores around here are such bummers! Definitely better deals to be had, but I don't have time to sift through everything...

  5. I feel like I live vicariously through you, Rosie! I never would have known such neat things exist like this, or that neat Goodreads app as another example, if not for your blog. I know zilch about fashion, and I really appreciate your musings and teachings on the how's and why's of pairing things and what items are worth the investment as a staple to a wardrobe. I agree on the price as a negative with the DKNY button down blouse, but I love that shade of pink!-- very country'ish. It looks really great on you! Give pink a chance?! :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I've been so anti-pink for years I'm not sure if I can ever make it happen ;) It really did fit nicely, but I don't think I ever would have found myself reaching for it...

  6. Yah, that was lame. They didn't listen to you at all!

    1. Let's see if they do better the second time around!

  7. This was so helpful! I’ve been thinking about trying this but was so afraid of what I would get. I’m going to try it now. Thanks! I mean even if I get a couple things I like it would be worth it.
    I struggle in the clothes department. Hahah!!!

    1. I didn't love my last box, but did keep one thing from it so it was worth it. Now that they're charging restocking fees for regular returns, the goody box is a much more attractive option!


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