Monday, September 5, 2011


We visited the fountains at Fairfax Corner a couple of weeks ago to make sure we hit that attraction before the weather gets cooler.  Apparently it was also an evening with live music, which was a little bit of a distraction!

"Water?  Cool!  But a little bit intimidating..."

"Wait, there's music playing over there!"

"Did you guys notice how awesome this is?"

Getting braver...  Maybe he'll finally touch it!

Victory!  Head down, face away, reach that hand out and grab the water!

He spent much of our time there running in place and dancing to the music while trying to work up the courage to touch the water.  He cried when we left, of course.  I'm pretty sure it stays open for a while longer, so we can head there after all the pools close this weekend to get our water fix.  And next year Cecilia will be ready to play!
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