Friday, September 30, 2011

Someone decided to get truly immersed in her playing today.

Little did I know, she was playing so quietly because she had found a crayon to suck on...  And that MEAN MOM took it away and made the baby wail!


  1. Don't you know that purple crayons have vitamins in them? Why do you think Harold liked them so much? I'm telling you, antioxidants all over the place. *Cecilia* knew.

  2. It's bad news when the kids are being TOO quiet! Whenever the girls are in another room and I realize I don't hear anything, I always think, uh oh, what are they up to!

  3. Daddy looked at the picture of Cecilia with the crayon in her mouth and said, "Hello, Groucho." She does look a bit like him . . .


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