Friday, September 2, 2011

John Paul is pretty terrible at eating with utensils - he really just doesn't care, and would rather eat with his hands because it's faster.  Lately he's been asking for a spoon at lunch time, but he doesn't actually eat with it, he mostly just holds it while he eats with his other hand.

The other day I was putting away dishes while he ate and I kept hearing him whine, only to go to the table and see that, after much frustration, he had succeeded in spearing an apple slice with his spoon.  He held it up triumphantly in the air saying, "Stab!"

Today he didn't eat any of his potatoes, chicken, rice, or green beans with the spoon.  The one food he *did* eat with the spoon?  A Babybell cheese.  It actually worked quite nicely!

I am wondering at what point utensils will become a regular guest at John Paul's place...  Not any time soon, I don't think.

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