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Monday, September 19, 2011

You know you lead an exciting life when the morning's most fruitful event is the baby's first bowel movement in 6 days...  Cecilia, much like John Paul at this stage, needs to be snuggled in standing position with her feet held in order to produce anything.   There were no stickers in this diaper, thank goodness - I've rescued so many from her mouth this week, I'm considering banning stickers in our house.

Meanwhile, John Paul is trying to climb into the jumperoo.  I think it's time to put it away...  Cecilia is trying very hard to learn how to walk (she's cruising like crazy and wants to spend much of the day walking around while I hold her hands, which suggests we're only a few weeks away if she follows John Paul's example).  Once John Paul learned to walk he was DONE with the jumperoo.  This is rather unfortunate, as Cecilia has learned how to climb the stairs and there is now NOWHERE I can put her where she'll just stay put.

John Paul has figured out how to put his sneakers on by himself, which is very exciting - we can be ready to go and ask him to go put his shoes on and he DOES it, which saves a little time.  Makes me thankful that he actually knows the difference between left and right, although he still mixes the shoes up sometimes...  He is currently wearing nothing but sneakers while he tries to eat a frozen waffle with a fork (he managed to spear the whole thing and when it was an inch away from his mouth the whole thing fell on the floor.  He is, thankfully, picking up the pieces.).  Cecilia is lying on the floor chewing on a toy pair of tweezers and wagging her tail (kicking her leg over and over).

(This post interrupted by John Paul, who insisted on playing "Are you HEEEERE?" with me, a game that consists of him covering his face and spinning around in circles while I tickle various parts of him saying, "Are you HERE?" while he giggles, snorts, and squeaks.  This is made more amusing by the lack of clothing and presence of sneakers.)

One of these days I'll capture a real kiss...

Cecilia is VERY proud of her new skill - pulling up on this toy and walking across the room!


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