A Kindle? Yes, please!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm not ashamed to admit it - I am NOT a technologically-savvy consumer.  I don't have an iPod.  I don't have a smart phone.  I've never used a Kindle or an iPad.  They're expensive!

I read a LOT.  Cecilia nurses to sleep every night for at least an hour, and once she's asleep enough I can read.  But the problem is, turning the pages and trying to read library books with crinkly dust covers often disturbs her, so a Kindle really would come in handy.  Plus have YOU ever tried taking two kids under 2 to the library even just to pick up books that are on hold?  It's a disaster.  But the library website lets you check out E-books!  If only I had a Kindle on which to read them...

You know who wants Mom to get a Kindle?

This kid.

Wait, no, maybe she's terrified of the possibilities?

"If you give my mom a Kindle, I'll have more free time to crawl under the table - do it!"

Who has two thumbs and ALSO wants Mom to get a Kindle?

This guy.

But wait, how is this even possible?  Don't we have like, absolutely no extra money?  That's right!  But, check out this website.  It's a brilliant advertising venture - social marketing.  They give people free products with pretty much no strings attached!  You get a product (that you agree to receive) and use it.  If you like it, you share the info with your friends and give them coupons.  This has really helped me try out new products that I wouldn't otherwise have paid for, like the facewash I've been using for the past 3 years. 

I think that we, as consumers, are generally hesitant to try new products that haven't been tested by people we know.  If I know I can trust someone else's judgment, I'm much more likely to try something they recommend.  Hence the brilliance of this social marketing.  If you haven't joined BzzAgent.com already, do it!  You've got nothing to lose.

Also, can I have a Kindle, please?  The kids promise to share...


  1. I'm really confused as to how that website will give you a Kindle.

  2. I have a Nook and love it! I still read physical books most of the time, but it's great for traveling. It's also awesome being able to read a book with one hand. Or you can put it down and just push the button to turn the page!


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