The best place to climb...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cecilia will climb on anything - the couch, the stairs, the coffee table, the laundry basket...

Her absolute favorite thing to climb?


The moment one of us lets a body part touch the ground, she's there grabbing and pulling until she manages to stand.  This is easily managed when she's pulling up on our legs.  Pulling up on Andrew's waistband is another matter...

Do you see John Paul sneaking into the picture behind Cecilia?  He thought this was pretty hilarious.  And he's a really good sport about her constantly climbing on him while he gets his diaper changed.  The moment he lies down, her eyes light up and she starts FLINGING herself towards him to climb on his face and chest.  She's starting to master cross-crawling, but when she gets excited the bellyflops prevail!

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  1. She needs to meet Thurber. He would be *soooo* patient! I've seen him with little kids and was very impressed at how careful he was.


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