Hair Cut!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

John Paul has been in serious need of a hair cut for quite a while.  He has taken to playing with the scissors from his doctor kit and giving himself a hair cut multiple times a day. 

Seriously, look at that scraggly mane!  Okay, it doesn't look terrible in that picture, but we were starting to get that awful pseudo-mullet look, and it wouldn't have taken much work to give him pigtails... 

He did a LOT better than the last time he got a hair cut!  We still need to buy a pair of trimmers and start doing it ourselves, but we just did double duty and got his hair cut with Andrew's.  Turns out the key to a good haircut is lollipops!  He hasn't had one since last Halloween, and he was SO excited.  After he got too much hair on his first (red) lollipop (seriously kid, stop taking it out of your mouth to touch it!) he switched to blue, which turned his teeth, lips, and tongue an awesome shade.

He hasn't stopped talking about his hair cut OR the lollipops.  Thank goodness for a cheerful hair cut and a patient stylist!

And a happy, well-groomed little boy (who is doomed to look a little like a lollipop himself, with that giant head) is just what we wanted :)

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