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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I suppose it was only a matter of time.  John Paul went downstairs earlier than usual while we were getting ready in the morning.  He was suspiciously quiet.  I assumed this meant he had foudn some food and was stuffing his face - no biggie.

Not so lucky.  He found a Sharpie!  It was purple, so he assumed that it was the same marker he uses to write in his numbers book (which came with a purple wipe-off marker that has been hidden because last time he found it he drew in his book for a while and then started poking his lips and eyes with it saying, "Makeup!").  Andrew found him with marker all over his legs, face, and on the rug.  He did manage to get quite a bit in the book, too.

He was SO confused as to why he was getting in trouble.  "Draw numbers?"  He really thought that all he did was draw numbers.  We told him he did a "Bad Thing" and he has been repeating that every time he notices the marks all over his leg.  He keeps initiating the following conversation:

"Bad thing?"
"Yes, you did a bad thing when you drew on the rug with a marker."
"Dwaw oooooon?"
"Do you draw on your leg?"
(very somber face, in a hushed tone)
"Do you draw on your face?"
"Do you draw on the rug?"
"Do you draw on your numbers book?"
"Do you draw on paper?"
"Do you draw in a coloring book?"

We have had this conversation at least 5 times/day since the incident.  I think he may even have learned a lesson.  But the Sharpies are going WAY out of reach from now on.

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