Sunday, September 25, 2011

John Paul can put on his sneakers by himself.  This is AWESOME, because I can ask him to do it when I'm getting things ready to head out the door and he usually has it done by the time I'm getting Cecilia in her car seat.

Unfortunately, now he wants to learn how to wear ALL of our shoes.  And once he succeeds with one pair, he moves on to the next. 

He found my wedges.

They are very tricky!  Impossible for him to walk in, and he REALLY wants to wear them.  I encouraged him to try my sneakers on, those are quite a bit easier (also, yes, that's Cecilia climbing the stairs.  She's a freaking terror.).

But apparently it's not enough of a challenge.  I suppose they're not too much larger than his sneakers...  Looks like it's time to hide the heels.  Can't have him ruining them!

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