Playing together

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little taste of the future - two siblings playing together quietly with no parental interference.

Cecilia initiated it, whacking the beads on the toy over and over again.  John Paul thought this was a good plan, so he went to the opposite end of the toy to start playing. 

Cecilia stopped what she was doing, completely enraptured by her brother's superior skills.

She was so focused, she didn't even try to swipe the apple out of his hand before he made it to his mouth!

I just love the little glimpses we get of their future relationship - John Paul's constant attempts to make her laugh (shrieking and cackling while running around in circles seems to do the trick, much to our annoyance), Cecilia's desperate need to be wherever John Paul is at all times (and climbing the stairs quick as lightning to make her way to him), the special smiles saved only for one another. 

Despite the tantrums (John Paul REALLY wanted to wear the pink diaper last night.  I relented, and then he freaked out that Cecilia got to wear the green one.  Same issue with bibs.), two is much more fun than one :)


  1. THREE!!! DO IT!!! But wait three months--September 17th is your next due date, remember?

    Also, look how big she is--she's just kneeling there like it's no big deal. One of these days we'll have 5 free minutes simultaneously and we can skype!!

  2. I hear that the first six are the hardest. After that, they take a lot of the burden off you.


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