Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A phone conversation

John Paul has figured out that if he presses the "Send" button on my phone enough times, it will usually call Dad (generally my most recent call).  I get such a kick out of these calls - they usually happen when Andrew's on his way home from work, and I only get to hear one side of them, which goes like this:

*presses Send button repeatedly, immediately holds phone up to ear*

JP:  "Hewwo?  HI!  HI DAD!" 


Me:  "You have to wait for Dad to say something first, the phone is ringing."

JP:  "Hewwo?  Hewwo?  Hewwo?  DAD!  Hi Dad!"

JP:  (in a very high and squeaky voice) "Dad!"  (I'm pretty sure Andrew is responding, "John PAUL!", and they repeat the back-and-forth approximately 6 million times)

JP:  "DAD!  Dad!  Dad!  Daaaaad!  Hi Dad!"  *maniacal giggling*

*starts pressing buttons on the phone*

JP:  "Pwess numbah one.  Pwess numbah one.  Pwess numbah one.  Bye Dad."

*closes phone*

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