A phone conversation

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

John Paul has figured out that if he presses the "Send" button on my phone enough times, it will usually call Dad (generally my most recent call).  I get such a kick out of these calls - they usually happen when Andrew's on his way home from work, and I only get to hear one side of them, which goes like this:

*presses Send button repeatedly, immediately holds phone up to ear*

JP:  "Hewwo?  HI!  HI DAD!" 


Me:  "You have to wait for Dad to say something first, the phone is ringing."

JP:  "Hewwo?  Hewwo?  Hewwo?  DAD!  Hi Dad!"

JP:  (in a very high and squeaky voice) "Dad!"  (I'm pretty sure Andrew is responding, "John PAUL!", and they repeat the back-and-forth approximately 6 million times)

JP:  "DAD!  Dad!  Dad!  Daaaaad!  Hi Dad!"  *maniacal giggling*

*starts pressing buttons on the phone*

JP:  "Pwess numbah one.  Pwess numbah one.  Pwess numbah one.  Bye Dad."

*closes phone*

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