Highlights from today

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

-  John Paul going down every single slide at Cox Farms at least twice (most of them by himself - all but the SUPER slide, which he would have gone down alone if I had let him!).  He would make it to the bottom and IMMEDIATELY run back up the huge hill to go down again.  And somehow he wasn't tired enough to nap...

-  John Paul walking up to all the goats in "Goat Village" saying, "Hewwo, goat.  Hewwo other goat.  Hewwo bwack goat."  Etc.

-  Cecilia being super-sleepy but letting me go down several more slides while she hung out drowsily in the carrier.  Then Cecilia falling asleep without a peep for an hour, giving us plenty of extra time before my feet got tired.

-  John Paul singing along to his Bible songs CD, "Swing low, sweet chawiot...  Something, something eeeelse!"  I've taken to either making up words when I don't know them or just singing "Something, something else..." and apparently he's taken that to heart and things that those are acceptable words to any song.  But that's one that I actually KNOW! 

-  Getting dinner at Costco, setting John Paul up in a high chair, and watching him push his food away and start crossing himself to say grace while we were getting everything else ready.

-  John Paul BEGGING us to put Cecilia back in the cart so that he could hug her and kiss her while we shopped.

- Cecilia high-fiving me over and over again on command.  Not sure what's cuter, her high five or her giddy reaction every time she does it. 

- The fact that Cecilia knows to start tapping her knees or shaking her shaker during certain songs we sing together.  Pretty sure John Paul was not that musically advanced when he was her age.  She's trying really hard to clap right now, but all she can do is clasp her hands together and flail them around.

A long, exhausting, fun day!

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