Full-Body Bibs

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We got a couple of those full-body bibs at Ikea the other day - the ones with long sleeves that go down to the baby's knees.  I thought that would be great for keeping Cecilia's body clean during mealtime. 

She was not a fan.  It kept getting in the way and it made her look like a giant red marshmallow.  Or one of those people in an inflatable sumo wrestling suit.  So we're just sponging her off after every meal.  At this point in his development, John Paul was getting a bath after every meal...  How things change with the second child!  She's also a neater eater - no food in the ears or up the nose yet!

John Paul, of course, needed to have his own picture taken while Cecilia was in the hot seat.

In other news (these are old pictures), it looks like the camera may be back in commission after a few days of drying off!  Looks like the pee hasn't permanently damaged it, thank goodness!

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