Beet That!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I roasted a couple of beets for the kids for dinner.  John Paul was not a fan (I agree - they kind of taste like dirt...), but Cecilia LOVED them! 

She just kept eating, and she was willing to stay in her high chair for way longer than ever before.

John Paul demanded his own picture.  You can see his discarded beet pieces next to the plate.  He was more concerned about his "OWN pizza!" because I made a little 4" pizza *just* for him instead of just giving him pieces of ours.  So exciting!

She was rather pink by the end...  Beets on her face, her shoulders, her arms, hands, chest, thighs, knees...  Luckily it wiped off easily, but she's still stained pink around her fingernails!

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  1. I *knew* you'd find a way to put nail polish on that child . . . ;-)


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