Cox Farms Fall Festival - you know you wish you were there!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Andrew took the day off so that we could head to Cox Farms for the Fall Festival!  We were hoping to beat the crowds and get cheaper tickets, but apparently everybody else also thought it would be a great idea to go on the Friday before Columbus Day.  Oh well, at least tickets were still cheaper!

We visited some turkeys and roosters.  John Paul is trying to explain to Andrew that it's really okay for him to stick his fingers through the fence to poke the turkeys.

Toad was there!  From Mario!  John Paul was SO excited (the other day I asked him, "Who loves you best?"  Correct answer:  God.  John Paul's answer?  "TOAD IS THE BEST!"

The "corn crib" seemed pretty lame to me, but John Paul LOVED it.  Cecilia tried very hard to eat it.

A little riding mower (non-functional, duh) was SO exciting, and somehow resulted in this Popeye-esque face.  I think his mouth was full of apple, which explains the cheeks.  All-you-can-eat apples and cider were delicious, except you could only get cider in these teeny tiny little cups so we had to stand there refilling over and over while trying to avoid the bees...

A totally random woodchip pile with a slide - John Paul was excited, finally he was allowed to climb a giant pile of woodchips!

Our first BIG slide of the day, which he promptly ran back to and went down several more times.  So exciting! 

Had to do a big picture here - the face is priceless.  The goat he REALLY wanted to pet ("Goat village!  Touch a goat!  Hewwo goat!") was the goat that had managed to procure a corn cob and kept fighting off other goats to save it.  I finally managed to get him away, but it was hilarious watching him get close and then suddenly pull back as the goats headbutted each other.  Pretty sure this is the reason both kids smelled like goats by the time we got home...

I found a good place to take pictures, but John Paul wouldn't cooperate.  He kept picking up different squash and saying, "Thaaaat's?"  And I told him it was squash, and then he would try to bite it...  I'm glad he likes squash, but really, raw whole butternut squash is probably not super-tasty.  

Cecilia was happy to pose, though!

And that was our awesome day at Cox Farms - a VERY long hayride, tons of slides and apples, and beautiful weather!  I'm hoping we can go back before the end of the season, although it's really rather pricey...  Maybe they'll have another coupon?

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  1. The picture of John Paul investigating the pumpkin has a GREAT Cecilia face. And lots of good Cecilia pictures on facebook. I miss you guys!


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