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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Hey Mom, you know what would be fun?"

"I'm gonna put this Lego girl in my mouth..."

"Isn't this FUNNY???  Now YOU grab it with YOUR mouth!"

"Seriously, it's gonna be so funny!"

She likes to stick toys in her mouth and then take them out and stick them in OUR mouths.  This is REALLY REALLY funny.  SO funny especially if you shake it around in her face while it's in your mouth (like a dog shaking a toy). 

This was awesome in the stroller today - she had a wet wipe that she had been sucking on for a while and suddenly she decided that she wanted to share with John Paul.  We had a walk full of Cecilia trying to stick it in John Paul's mouth, John Paul ripping it out of her hand, her laughing uproariously, HIM laughing uproariously, and him throwing it back in her lap.  Repeat.  It was VERY amusing for all parties.

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  1. Just in case people don't know -- these wet wipes are recyclable cloth and don't have soap on them. So it's like she's sucking on a clean little rag. (Ick, sucking on soap, blech, ugh.)


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