A Casualty

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here's how it went down:

1.  John Paul decided to pull the bag of onions off the counter.  Then he started peeling them.  I thought this was okay because that way I wouldn't have to deal with them later.

2.  Cecilia woke up from her nap and I brought her downstairs to nurse her.

3.  While nursing a giggling baby I hear, "Onion.  Eat.  Eat."  I see John Paul taking very small bites of the onions he's peeling.  Huh?

4.  Cecilia finishes nursing and John Paul brings me the onion he has been working on.  I take a picture.  John Paul asks for the camera.  This usually means he'll take lots of pictures of his finger or his mouth or the ceiling.

5.  John Paul brings me a very wet camera while I'm cooking (John Paul is naked from the waist-down).  I find a large pee puddle on the waterproof mat under his high chair.  Apparently he didn't realize that the potty was three feet away from its normal spot, peed on the floor, and either tried to take a picture of his pee coming out or dropped the camera in the pee spot. 

The camera is not working.  There will be no more pictures on this blog (aside from a few I have saved up)until we manage to procure a new camera, which may not be until Christmas.  Unless you have a digital camera you want to give us!

John Paul was VERY proud of his onion prowess.  This was pre-pee. 

How do you make a hand-me-down outfit from big brother into a girl's outfit?  Add a bow!

In other news, Cecilia has (finally) cut her first tooth - bottom right, just like John Paul.  Only two months later than he did!  Looks like not all babies are the same.

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  1. I'd be happy to give you my broken digital camera, but it might cost more than it's worth to fix it. Sigh. I love Cecelia in her "new" outfit!


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