Seven Quick Takes, the second

Friday, February 1, 2013

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 205)

I found you Valentine card ideas for this year.  You're welcome.
via facebook - no idea who the original source is...
These babies need very little help falling asleep, which is pretty awesome!
I saw this on Pinterest - put the white ends of your green onions in water and regrow the greens - no need to buy a new bunch every time you need them!  I'm excited about this, since I love them in eggs and as garnish on soups, but it seems silly to buy a bunch every time I need them since I never use them all.  The kids are really excited about our "experiment" too.
I'm trying to finish this while pumping before work...  Let's see if I can!  The first week back has been good, I didn't think about my students a lot while I was gone but being back in the classroom has been AWESOME.  And the kids are SO excited when I get home, plus the twins just nurse straight down for naps the moment they see me, so that's been nice timing-wise because it gives me a chance to prep for dinner.
Edit:  John Paul just came downstairs after I finished pumping and saw the empty box of pumping bags.  I asked him to recycle it and he said, "OH!  I want to read the instructions?"
Fine.  Nothing like hearing your 3-year-old reading, "BWEASTmilk bags!"
John Paul had the biggest screaming fit EVER last night.  Our townhouse neighbors must think we beat our children or something, it was absolutely RIDICULOUS.  Seriously, what do we do?  Wait it out?  He's gotta stop by the time he's in college, right?
The babies slept through the night almost every night this week!  Just waiting for the 4-month sleep regression, but hopefully this lasts for a little while. Of course, now that I shared it, the good sleeping will end.
Sounds like the big kids are awake.  I can hear John Paul and Andrew naming Peter Pan characters in very excited voices, for some reason.  And you know what?  I'm just going to be done here.  I'm not very interesting this week!
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  1. AHAHAHAHA oh my gosh wow #1!!!

    I love that we both included a screamfest on our quick takes this hear so much about the "terrible twos" but nobody ever talks about 3?!

    1. Hahaha oh my gosh I am just discovering all your comments back...I'm going out and buying Hop on Pop tomorrow, I can't believe we somehow don't have that in our extensive Dr Seuss collection!!!

  2. My nieces terrible twos started at one and lasted til 3 or 4!


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