5 Favorites - Easter-Style!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thanks, Jen, for hosting this week, despite the impending anesthesia-free nanobot invasion of your body!

Here are my 5 Favorites for this week - Easter-Style!

Starburst Jelly Beans!

Source:  Amazon
Okay, we didn't buy a 5-lb bag.  Only 2 pounds.  And I may be stopping by the grocery store on my way home today to find some more on clearance, because they're that good...  And I eat a LOT of candy.  An embarrassing amount.  I'm not going to tell you how much, but let's just say it's a miracle I've never had a cavity.

My First Easter Sticker Book
Easter sticker book!  Want to know why John Paul and Cecilia were so good at Mass on Easter?  A Dollar Tree Bible coloring book and THIS sticker book.  Many Alleluias were said!
The Octave of Easter!
8 days of candy, cake, pie, bacon, whatever possible feasts you can indulge in in order to gain back all that weight you lost during Lent.
Jesus died so that we can eat bacon.  Just sayin'.
Good habits formed during Lent!
We all gave up TV and the kids are old enough that they understood the whole, "It's Lent, we're making this our sacrifice, you only get to watch TV on Sundays" when they got to watch *maybe* a half-hour show, or a short movie if I really needed to get rid of them to get something done...
And now?  They haven't been asking to watch TV.  Even though they CAN now!  They're amusing themselves in all sorts of creative ways, playing outside a ton (even though it's still winter weather - they've decided that 50 degrees is jacket-free weather!), playing with the babies, assigning themselves characters from various stories and "acting them out" (mainly John Paul, and mainly the Stations of the Cross.  Elizabeth is Pontius Pilate.  Don't ask.).
And I know that it's THERE if I need to send the big kids to the basement to get out of my hair, but I haven't needed it yet!  Granted, it's only Wednesday, but since we've been finding ways to deal without TV for so long, we've formed really good habits and I'm glad that we gave it up!
Oh, the Dollar Tree.  We got Cecilia's awesome Easter hat (not meant to be worn with her dress, but she insisted) here:
And she's been wearing it almost nonstop since Sunday.
We also got the kids toothbrushes (which they LOVE), these awesome eggs that have been "hatching" in water since Sunday, tons of candy (Jelly Belly Belly Flops!  I ate all the good flavors and the kids are perfectly happy with black licorice and bubble gum!), a sweet Bible coloring & activity book, some Jesus-y board books, and all for less than $20!
That's all!  Prayers for a safe, speedy, and SOON delivery for Hallie!  And prayers for some pain relief for poor Jen, who is putting on such a brave and hilarious face despite terrifying impending events!
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  1. #3. "Jesus died so that we can eat bacon." dying!! Seriously though, bacon's my favorite!

    #5. My sister bought her kids those hatching eggs and my five year old has been screaming about nothing else since. Argh! The nearest Dollar Tree is 30 minutes from here. Little sisters are such a pain!

  2. The hat is too cute!
    And seriously yes please to the bacon.

  3. #1 -How did I NOT know there were Starburst Jelly Beans???!!!??!!? I pray that I can still find them. I love Starburst. Love!!

    #4 - I am from a family of eight and I remember many a Lent when we gave up TV. There were monopoly tournaments and scrabble fests. We listened to music together. Thioe are some of my fondest memories.

  4. LOVE me some Starburst jelly beans...was always a fav in my Easter basket.

    What a great family picture on Easter, you look amazing for 3 little ones!

  5. Found your blog through my mother-in-law, Laura at String of Pearls, and I have to tell you that my twins have pretty much the same pink hat and have also been wearing them as much as possible since Easter! And one of them is also named Cecilia. :-)


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