7 Quick Takes: Kiddo-style

Friday, April 26, 2013


John Paul's gems from this week:

As soon as I opened his door in the morning:  Goldilocks is coming to my birthday party!!!


John Paul: I'm inca-rigg-able!

Apparently he saw the word "Incorrigible" and accurately gleaned the proper meaning.


Playing with some trash he found in a shoe box: These are my tools. Mary Claire, I wanna FIX you!


John Paul: It's a SEX alien!!!
Me: ... A six alien?
John Paul: A sex alien (because it had seven toothpicks sticking out of it)


John Paul: Hi! I'm Jacob! I'm 7 years old.
Me: Who is Jacob?
JP: When I was a baby, I went to Jacob's birthday party.
Me: Okay, but what book is that from?
JP: Oh, the Jesus Storybook Bible. And Cecilia is Rebecca!

Because, you know, that's what normal kids pretend...


JP, discussing contents of the bathroom cabinet:  Open up the cabinet and you'll find... a pregnancy test!!!"

Yup, signs you life in an NFP household...


John Paul, about a thousand times a day: The ant is my tiny friend!

Happy spring, ants everywhere!


Cecilia's gems from this week:

Seeing Mary Claire had freed her arms from her swaddler:  *gasping* AAAARMS!!!  She has aaaaaaaaaarms!  I hold her hands!  She wuvs me!  I take her for a walk!


Cecilia, to the babysitter:  It's a howiday today!
Babysitter:  What holiday is it?
Cecilia:  NO CWOTHES DAY!!!

And then she spent the morning in her underwear...  Yup, I would have allowed it, too :P

Looking discerningly at Mary Claire:  She CAN'T dance.  She not old enough to STAND even!


Cecilia, about a thousand times a day: I need somethin to wipe my tears!!!


After our visit with the Martins:

Cecilia:  I want to wear pwaid shorts wike MAGGIE!
JP:  And I'm Eamon Philip!  And when I'm 10 years old, I'll be BIG John-Paul!!!
Cecilia:  And who I be?
Me:  You can be Maggie.
Cecilia:  NO!
Me:  Do you want to be Xander?
Cecilia:  No.  He's a boy.  I'M GOLDILOCKS!!!


Mary Claire's new talent:


Elizabeth's creepy noise:

Seriously, why does she "coo" while breathing in???


And now, the best conversation you will ever read:

Cecilia:  What's dat in da potty?
Me: ...That's your diarrhea.
C:  John Paul has wed diawea and I have purple diawea!  It's so beautiful!
C:  I WUV pink diawea!  It's my favowite!
C:  What got on my booty?
Me:  Still your diarrhea...
C:  It's so beautiful!!!

For the full effect, you need to imagine this with full knowledge of her squeaky voice (you can stop after the first 30 seconds or so):


And now for my last take...  A tribute to my mom!!!

Because I had the nerve to be born 1 hour and 43 minutes before her 30th birthday, so we will forever have birthdays one day apart.  Happy Birthday to the woman who carried me under her heart for 9. loooooong. months.  And gave birth to me in proloooonged and excruuuuciating agony!

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  1. Excellent! Thank you for sharing the videos and the laughs.
    Happy Birthday to you and your mom!!

  2. This is the BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER!!!!!!

    I have been laughing so hard at everybody's utterances that my cheeks are hurting. And I won't read them to Daddy, because there are too many and he needs to read them himself.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful blog! And for having your kids! And for you being you! I carried you under my heart etc. and THIS is how you treat me! :-D :-D :-D

  3. We frequently have "Underwear Day" at our house too! More often, now, I suspect as the weather gets warmer!

    1. And they're just so CUTE in their underwear! One of these days I'm sure modesty will kick in, but I don't think we're even close to that stage yet :P

  4. Re: John Paul's alien- ouch

    Happy belated birthday! Hope the ice cream cake was amazing!

  5. EEEEK!!! What the comment??? The alien? Jacob and Rebekah? Beautiful diarrhea! Years from now this post will bring unimaginable joy to your heart and you will want every minute of it back!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom and happy almost birthday to you! I love that my kids can be characters in your kids' imaginations. They are so funny!

  7. I am cracking up!!! Your kids are too funny.

  8. Thank you, Joy and Colleen!

    (Yeah, I really *am* that mom/grandma, the one who stalks her daughter on the blog that is named for her.)

  9. haha. Cecelia's voice is hilarious!

    And Happy belated Birthday!!! I know I'm geriatric compared to you -- hope it was a great one!!


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