7 Quick Takes: Twin Edition

Friday, April 19, 2013

It  is currently past 10 o'clock on Thursday night and I've been trying to nurse one or both babies to sleep for over 3 hours (Mary Claire learned how to blow raspberries today, so she woke Elizabeth up to demonstrate her talent and she JUST went down...), so I decided my Quick Takes theme this week will be 7 awesome things about twins.
Edit:  Almost 11 o'clock.  Still nursing Elizabeth.  I'll finish this tomorrow.
When people stare at your enormous pregnant belly and say, "Are you sure it's not twins?" you can very smugly reply, "Oh yes, it is!"
33 weeks and getting a whole lot of, "Any day now!" remarks from strangers.  No, I hope NOT any day now, I'd rather avoid the NICU!

I always got a kick out of that one and the looks on their faces.  What I REALLY wanted was to be having a boy or a girl so that when people asked, "is it a boy or a girl?" I could say, "Yes!"
Girl twins?  Girl clothes!
When we had Cecilia, I was SO excited to be able to browse the racks of girly clothing - all you moms with boys know how it is to see three lonely racks of boy clothing in an entire store filled with things for girls.
But the thing is, it's HARD to choose clothing when you have so many options!  How can you choose just one Easter dress when there are 7 others that are SO CUTE???
Well, when you have twins you have a little more license to buy extra cute clothing because it's going to get used!  And those little sets with coordinating outfits that don't match exactly?  Perfect for twins!
See?  Coordinating strawberries but not identical outfits!
And speaking of clothes, you'll end up with so many, your toddler might start sharing with the babies:
Maybe the classiest picture ever taken of Cecilia...  Those are 3-6 month pants, which fit her teeny little booty perfectly as bermuda shorts.  As do a LOT of the babies' pants.
More babies to snuggle!
One baby for each big kid - the perfect ratio!
John Paul and Cecilia never have to fight over who gets to hold/play with the baby because there are TWO of them!  And we almost never have the issue of them wanting to wake up a baby to play because one of them is almost always awake!
No trouble filling up that laundry basket for a full load!
Two toddlers generate a fair amount of dirty laundry.  Add two spit-up-prone babies and their 4-10 outfits per day (in the early days), and you've got a full load of kids' laundry every day!  Your 2-year-old never has to wait for than a day for the beloved ballerina dress to be clean and ready to wear again!
Wouldn't YOU wear it every day?
Two babies.  One hospital stay.
If I ever have twins again and we've got a homebirth under our belt, maybe I'll try at home since this delivery was blessedly uncomplicated.  But you know what was awesome about this delivery?
Two babies.  One copay.
Of course, we still have double copays at the pediatrician.  But the babies were so small in comparison to my singletons that it was a breeze pushing them out, and I got two for the price of one!
It also felt pretty cool to be pushing two bassinets around the hospital halls
Twin pictures.
Because what's cuter than one baby?
Two babies.
Just a few days old
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  1. That last picture really gives me baby fever. Your blog is dangerous haha

  2. You're right; twins are pretty cool! As long as they are not mine, of course. Having twins at this point would probably send me straight over the edge!

    1. I thought they would send me over the edge - thankfully they're both a lot calmer than John Paul and Cecilia were (and sleep better)!

  3. Great pictures! I love #4 as my two bigs do fight over whose turn it is to 'hold' the baby.

  4. Ha...I love the using baby pants as toddler clothes thing. Totally done that.

    1. She got into the laundry before I had a chance to put it away and claimed them as her own :P

  5. Precious children! I've always wanted twins, my dad was a twin, so possibly one day? I also use some of my older daughter capri's as pants for her little sister. The waist is a little big, but it still works!

    1. You can do your own research on this, of course, but my understanding is that if there are fraternal twins on the mother's side, the likelihood of twins increases. Rosie's dad has a brother and sister who are twins, so she has that covered. If your dad is an identical twin, then that doesn't apply.

      Also, if you conceive a baby while you're still nursing the last one, you are *EIGHT* to *NINE* times as likely to conceive twins! I don't know why there aren't more crunchy granola twin moms out there!

    2. My dad was a fraternal twin. I say was because his sister passed away a few years ago from cancer. I have conceived all my children while still nursing, but still no twins yet. Maybe God isn't calling me to be a mother of twins :)

    3. I'm absolutely passing Cecilia's capris down to the twins when she outgrows them! The giant cloth diaper booties hold up anything :)

      And there's always time for twins - the likelihood of conceiving them increases the older you get ;)

  6. You make it look so amazing and so beautiful. Never thought I would be jealous of a twin mom!

    When I was a little girl it was my ultimate dream to have twin girls and name them Morgan and Bailey. I have no idea where that idea or those names came from. But it was such a happy thought to me.

  7. I was never that woman who thought it would be fun to have twins. :-)
    I love that last picture...is one grabbing the other one's head?

    1. Me neither!!! It never even occurred to me as a possibility, but I think we're finally getting the hang of it :)

      And Elizabeth totally started grabbing Mary Claire's face - we stuck them in the glider together to see what happened and they snuggled happily for 45 minutes until Elizabeth decided to get a little handsy!

  8. Squeeeee!!! This makes me so excited to have twins!!! :)


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