Theme Thursday - Grow

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Okay, I was going to get outside to take pictures of the millions of things growing in our yard so that you guys could tell me what everything is...  But alas, babies have conspired against me and I've had approximately 7 minutes today when I wasn't holding at least one.  And I used that time serve dinner and change into pajamas (I even cut up potatoes one-handed, that's how talented I am), so here's my Theme Thursday in which I didn't take any of the photos because I'm in all of them...
The theme?
And what better way to illustrate that than our growing family?
From 3:
Well, 3.5...  I was pregnant with Cecilia here but we didn't know it yet.  John Paul is 10 months old here, at Andrew's law school graduation.
 To 4:
SO ready for this big brother thing.  Cecilia, 1 day old.  John Paul, 18 months, Andrew, 26, Rosie, 24.
To (we thought) 5:
*Right* after we found out we were pregnant with baby #3 - John Paul is 2.5, Cecilia is 14 months.
Nope, skip 5 - go straight to a family of 6! 
Cecilia, 2, John Paul, 3.5, Andrew, 28, Elizabeth, 4.5 months, Rosie, 26, Mary Claire, 4.5 months.
We're pretty good at the "grow" theme when it comes to our own family, I'd say :)  Check out more takes on the theme at Clan Donaldson!


  1. There is no way- no way- you guys could be any cuter. I'm pretty sure I just died of cuteness.

  2. i second Cari's comment. CUTE!

  3. I'm loving the "growing" families the best--yours is beautiful!

  4. Yeah, I'm with Cari too. This is THE best.

  5. So cute! Love the fam pictures.

  6. Too much cuteness in your family!

  7. I love this. And I love your polka dot skirt.


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