WIWS: I give up

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This week's WIWS brought to you by kids with no limits and the self-timer on my camera.
I sat down to write this and heard, "What's stuck to my cwotch?  What's stuck to my cwotch, Mom?"
So of course I had to run to the bathroom.
She just wanted to show me how well she was wiping.  And this time using LESS than half a roll of toilet paper!  But you can understand my apprehension...
I would like to thank you all for participating in WIWS - Sundays are pretty hectic over here, because we have to run around like crazies trying to get out the door for an early Mass, then we get home and Andrew has to leave for the Mass HE sings, so I'm home with all 4 kids by my lonesome for 4 hours and it is a little bit far from relaxing...  (And these are the hours when I am most thankful that Andrew isn't a doctor on call because holy cow I don't know how Grace does it!!!  I would be gchatting him every second with the "Are you coming home yet?  I NEED YOU NOW!!!  SOMEONE JUST PUKED ON MY UNDERWEAR!!!" crazy things that I send when it hits 5:31 on a weekday and he isn't home yet...)
But while I sit around nursing all the babies in the world (not all of them?  Well, it feels like I must be nursing all of them...) I get to hit refresh and see what everyone's wearing!  And while I mostly don't comment because typing one-handed is a lot of work, I love reading all the posts!!!
This is my "I-give-up-go-ahead-and-stick-your-foot-in-the-Easter-basket-as-long-as-you-aren't-touching-the-camera" pose.
The kids WERE very cute pre-Mass - John Paul had a bow-tie and non-twisted suspenders and a tucked-in shirt.  Cecilia (shocker, this one) wore pink.  The babies were in dresses that they both puked on.  Again, shocker.

But since we went to 7:45 Mass this morning (to hit up the pancake breakfast afterwards, and because I was hoping the early hour would turn the kids into well-behaved zombies), there was no time for pictures beforehand.  So this is what you get, post-Mass, post-breakfast, post-potty trips.
Dress:  Macy's from after John Paul was born when I thought I would never fit into any of my clothes again.  I don't even like it very much, but it's comfy, easy to nurse in, and I had approximately 0 minutes to get dressed this morning.
Shoes:  Well, they're heels.  Thank Cecilia's head for the blocked shot.
Messy hair:  Whatever, could be worse...  Again, 7:45 Mass.  Gross.
And despite 7 and 9 straight hours of sleep from the babies last night, I'm still completely exhausted.  And since I posted about it on the internet, they will certainly stop sleeping again.
Happy Sunday?
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  1. The dress is great! You look beautiful!

    As my mother-in-law (mom of 8) used to say all the time when we were going through whatever particular difficult phase with whichever particular child, "This too shall pass." Your stories are so cute, and so funny. And when you're kids are grown, you're going to laugh about it all so much.

    1. I feel like my Sunday posts are always the most frazzled, too - the kids are almost always on their absolute worst behavior of the entire week when we're at Mass, so I come home and just feel so defeated! But absolutely it will pass, it just doesn't seem like it will happen soon enough :P

  2. The dress is so pretty! And I love things that you can just pull on and go! And it sounds like that's exactly what you need right now. ;)

  3. If I weren't your mom, I would say, "You have a beautiful family, and you look wonderful." That's about all I can do for young families.

    But! I *am* your mom! So I will share with you (and your friends) one of the stories that you are tired of hearing. Your friends will enjoy it. I know that because I saw the equivalent story on somebody else's blog and now I can't find it. Grr.

    Once upon a time, when you children were roughly two, four, six, and eight, Daddy and I tucked you all in at night and went to sleep. It was a Thursday.

    At about midnight, one of you—let's blame Peggy, now Meg, who was six—woke up screaming. Both of us rushed into her room. Peggy had puked all over everything. So Daddy and I worked together to strip her, hose her off, rinse off the sheets and her sleeper, put them in the wash, put clean sheets on her bed, put a clean sleeper on her, calm her down, and get her to sleep.

    Then twenty minutes later, at about 1 am, another one of you—let's say it was Timmy, who was two—went through the same mess. At 2 am, the third one of you threw this party, and at 3 am we got a reprise with the last child.

    On Friday, the older three of you stayed home sick with Daddy while I went to work as usual, because I never had any sick leave to spare. Timmy was home, too, of course. So Daddy had to take care of all four of you on just a few hours of sleep. And I was at work ditto, though work was a lot less demanding than staying home with you kids.

    On Saturday, Daddy and I were still kind of zonkered, but you kids were all perky and well, which wasn't exactly restful for us.

    On Sunday, Daddy and I were still a bit out of focus, but nobody was sick, so we took you all to Mass. No cry room for any of you. And you all behaved just as you always did, which was kind of like having two John Pauls and two Cecilias. Not the best-behaved kids in the place.

    After Mass, a little old blue-haired lady tottered over to us. She clutched my arm and looked into my eyes. Daddy and I attempted to make sure that nobody ran away. "Oh, my dear," she said in a very high and slow voice, "treasure these years, for they are the best of your life."

    Though I wanted to yell "SHOOT ME NOW!" I politely thanked the little old lady. I see her point—now. But it is not reasonable to expect any young parent to treasure even half of their moments with their young children. Heck, I can't even do it when I'm helping you with them!

    1. Rosie I love your dress and your mom. Best. comment. ever.

    2. Thank heavens. Some days I think "Lord...I'm not really treasuring this right now. And frankly, a little lighter on the vomit, please". So nice to hear an established mother feel the same way. And frankly, I like that dress quitealot. But 90% of my clothing is stretchy and v-knecked for nursing, so, take my opinion with a mighty grain of salt.

    3. Glad you liked my very long comment, y'all!

  4. I don't know how you do it either! Did you take them to Mass alone??? I never even get it together enough to take pics for this post :)

  5. The dress is lovely, and the kids are cute!
    I too love reading this posts as I solo during the hours my husband is off singing, thank you for joining in.

  6. You look lovely as always, and I love the messy suspenders. I, too, am guilty of those texts to the Hubs, and I only have two who are not breast feeding. I kind of feel like a hot mess most days. Thanks to your mom for that lovely story, too. It can feel lonely when you feel like everyone else has perfect children and even if they don't they are always bright eyed and joyful.

    We did ok at Mass today with only a couple reprisals of Veggie Tales in the midst of the liturgy of the Eucharist. I'll take it!

    1. Thanks! I feel like all our kids must appear better to others than they do to us - we're their harshest critics, most of the time!

  7. It is hard to imagine, but the sleep thing is going to get better and better. You might still be exhausted most of the time, but it won't be because multiple babies are not sleeping every night.

    By the way, I saw on facebook this weekend that a college friend and his wife just had twins. They haven't left the hospital yet. So as tired as I am, I'm so, so glad not to be there again...starting at the very beginning with no idea what's coming. It makes me feel like some kind of seasoned twin-parenting superwoman. It also makes me realize that there are big chunks of the first six months of their lives that I just don't really remember.

    We had vomiting here, as well, and didn't even make it to Mass today.
    Here's to a vomit-free Monday. (And I think you look lovely.)

    1. I'm so glad it gets better - I know it has to, and I *think* we're on the upswing now after the 4-month sleep regression... I'm just glad they're both better sleepers than John Paul was!!!

      And boy are they a lot easier than they were at the beginning - now that they're willing to be put DOWN sometimes (rarely simultaneously), things are much easier!

      Although we have a whole new ballgame coming when they get mobile... Thankfully they only roll front to back so far, so we just don't give them tummy time :P But they're *this* close to back to front rolling, and I don't know how I'll keep up when they're both crawling!!! Clearly you've survived it, so I will too :)

  8. Oh, Rosie, I love your posts. That dress is so cute, and seriously- 0745 mass? I'm in awe.

  9. I have a couple dresses in that cut, and they are soooo easy to wear. You definitely should give it more than a second chance.

  10. i just bought a similar dress like that this weekend! it looks great on you and im majorly impressed you got everyone out the door for 745 Mass!

  11. I think it looks great on you and looks like it is easy to nurse in. Wow that is a much earlier mass thank I could ever make it to. Go you!


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