Kicking the Devil in the Pants

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We had a conversation at dinner the other night about how every time John Paul does something good, that's like kicking the devil in the pants.  He got a HUGE kick (ha. ha.) out of this - every bite of dinner he took was a good thing, being obedient to Mom and Dad helped him KICK THAT DEVIL IN THE PANTS!

Now we don't talk about the devil a lot in our house - it's kind of a weird topic to bring up with a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old (and you know the twins aren't paying attention!), but John Paul (of course) brought it up first.  And, given our usual struggle with his disobedience, I introduced the concept to him.  And he LOVED IT, but mostly because of the silly image it made in his mind.

But here's the thing - it applies to all of us.

Those runners rushing to give blood after yesterday's tragedy?  Totally kicking that devil in the pants.

Residents opening their homes to strangers with no hotel rooms?  Kicking that devil in the pants!

The outpouring of prayers in tweets, on facebook, in blog posts, and just in the quiet of our homes?  Take THAT, devil!

Because amongst all this evil, one thing remains true - good always wins.

We know how the story ends.  Jesus beats death

So despite all the evil in this world (and ohhhh there is a lot of it), good always has, and always will win out in the end.  Perhaps not the battle, but certainly the overall war.

This doesn't mean it's time to get complacent - keep those prayers coming, keep those acts of kindness alive, and kick the devil in the pants every chance you get!


  1. So true. I am sad that all these things occur, but overjoyed that the good in the world really does outweigh the bad. I just wish we heard more about the good. I feel like the media is trying, just a little bit, to change that.

    1. And as sad as it is, events like this tend to encourage us to band together as a nation and forget our partisan arguments. Because you know what matters more than gay marriage or healthcare reform? Not killing people.

    2. Rabia and Rosie, you are both changing how much good stuff we hear. You aren't saccharine and glassy-eyed with Pollyannaism, but you increase the level of fun and just basic goodness with your stories about your families!

      And yes, let's work on not killing people, shall we? I think that's a good idea.


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