Five Favorites - Cloth Diaper Edition

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm updating this old post of cloth diaper favorites and it looks like we still like the same things! Nearly 11 years into cloth diapering, and these are our all-time favorites. Are you interested in trying cloth? Here are some of our favorite things:

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Probably what you think of when you think about cloth diapers.  These are the most versatile things EVER - use them as diapers, drool catchers, burp cloths, dish rags, cleaning cloths, whatever!  No pins required, just lay them in a cover or use a Snappi for more poop containment.  At $1-3 each, ours have probably been *worn* at least 300 times and used far more often.  That's MAX $.01/wear, and they're still in perfect condition and will be worn by the next 2, 3, 4, or more children...

John Paul in a prefold & fleece cover

Cloth wipes!

There's nothing more annoying than tossing your cloth diaper in the wetbag and having to take the disposable wipes all the way to the trash can...  Cut up some flannel, jersey, velour, whatever, zigzag stitch the edges, and you've got your own!  Or use baby washcloths, or buy some pretty ones:


We use our flannel wipes instead of tissues - so much softer!


Covers with gussets
Gussets = NO POOP IS EVER GETTING OUT OF THESE BAD BOYS!  They are the reason I won't even do disposable diapers on vacation - it's like those things are MEANT to leak poop everywhere!

Rumparooz newborn sizes fit the twins from day 1, even when Elizabeth was down below 5 lbs.  Now, at about 12 & 14 lbs, respectively, they're *just* outgrowing the newborn covers and we're ready to size up.  The color and print selection is amazing, too!

All-time favorite cover?
They don't fit *quite* as small as the Rumparooz, we had to wait until the twins were each about 6 lbs.  But any NORMAL baby is going to fit into size 1 (or XS if you go sized, which I also like) immediately.    Like Rumparooz, they come in a variety of colors & prints, and won't let that poop go anywhere!!!

5-month-old Cecilia in a Thirsties size small cover
7 lb Elizabeth & 9 lb Mary Claire in Thirsties size 1 covers
The velcro on some of our oldest covers is starting to go - I love velcro for convenience, but if you want your diapers to last a while, go for snaps!


The BumGenius brand

I love their Flip covers once the babies start solids - super-stretchy for chunky thighs, and they fit forever!

Flip: One-Size Diaper Cover

And once the babies get bigger, BumGenius 4.0s work great as convenient diaper bag diapers, since the rise is adjustable.


I'd say we've gotten at least 200 wears (probably more) out of each $18 diaper, so 9 cents/wear certainly rivals the cost of disposables after time.


Wet Bags

planet wise wet bag
My current favorite is Planet , but there are tons of good brands out there in adorable prints.  Zip 'em shut, no smell.  Dump the diapers in the washer, toss in the wet bag, no touching poop!
Oh I have so many more favorites, but this is all I'll give you - we've saved THOUSANDS of dollars by cloth diapering all 5 kids, and Andrew and I like doing it.  It's not for everyone, but it works for us :)


  1. How did you know I was thinking of cloth diapering #3?! This list is amazing! I will be for sure bookmarking this. Will you do a post about cleaning them as well? Please!? Pretty please?

  2. My husband and I were just discussing cloth diapering at the dinner table. He's fine with me buying everything (we didn't cloth diaper with our 1st child) but needs QUITE a bit of convincing that it is okay to throw everything in the wash. And he is totally disgusted by it. I might need to print off some research for him to peruse... or do some hypnosis...

    1. The way I see it, you're washing poop & pee no matter what when you have babies - either it's on their diapers or it's on their clothes. My husband was weirded out by the idea at first, but until they're on solids EVERYTHING comes out in the wash. And once they're on solids, it's a little trickier but still not a big deal. You're used to dealing with bodily waste already, so that should help on the squeamish side :)

  3. Yep. You read my mind. GUESS WHAT - I SIGNED UP FOR A CLOTH DIAPER CLASS THIS WEEKEND!! What what!!

  4. The up-front cost of cloth diapers and covers can be rather off-putting, but Rosie and Andrew are math whizzes, so that didn't bother them. And really, IF you have access to a washer and dryer, it's a lot easier to use cloth diapers than disposables. Here's a page that I really like—the website is devoted to cloth diapers, but the rest of the website isn't as good as this one page, IMO:

    We started using just cloth diapers with #1 in 1981 and ended up using just disposables with #4 in 1988. Cloth diapers have improved about 1000% since then. I don't know about disposables, because all the babies I have taken care of in the last few years have been cloth diapered. Yay!

  5. Great post! I love cloth diapers - even though I was a major skeptic in the beginning! Plus, I think if a mom of twins can cloth diaper, anyone can!

  6. Just came across this post! Our cloth diapering systems are almost identical (minus the rumparooz and the planetwize wetbag. We have some fuzzibunz in the mix and I can't remember the brand of our large wetbags). Everything you listed works great for us! And I can't tell you how awesome it was switching to cloth wipes! Wiping with them is just so much easier, cleaner and just one goes a long way!


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