7 Quick Takes - Fall Edition

Friday, November 1, 2013


I feel awkward posting this, but I wrote a song for All Saints Day in the car yesterday, aaaand here it is with my mistake-full piano playing.

My mom posted it to her facebook wall so I figured the cat was out of the bag...  Next we'll be buying an RV and touring as a modern day Von Trapp family.  John Paul's pretty much ready to start yodeling - anyone want to be our puppeteer?


So suddenly it was the night before Halloween and we hadn't carved our pumpkins...  We've actually never carved pumpkins with the kids (or introduced the concept), but John Paul kept reading about it in his books and was begging for it.  So we carved them.  And it wasn't thaaaaaat bad since Andrew cleaned them out most of the way.  

But seriously, reason #3,458 to keep your children illiterate:  Ignorance is bliss.

Cecilia wanted me to carve a kitty cat.  So of course John Paul (who has been talking about his silly jack-o-lantern face for weeks) decided HE wanted a kitty cat, TOO!

So there you have our pumpkins!  So spooky, I know...

The candle went out in the little kitty cat...


And the kids in their costumes!

Edit:  I totally meant to link up with Katrina!  And then I forgot...  But now I'm linking up!

St. Michael the Archangel (minus wings, because ain't nobody got time for that) and a butterfly.  I told John Paul that if anyone asked him if he was a soldier he should just say yes because really, does he need to explain to strangers that he's actually dressed as St. Michael the Archangel?

So he just focused on reading all the names of the candy they gave him, and Cecilia corrected everyone who assumed he was a soldier in an adorable and very quiet voice.

Oh, and the family in all our costumed glory!

Well, Andrew's dressed as a lawyer.  Spoilsport...


I couldn't help but notice a resemblance...

The ears...  the smile...  The bald heads...


Last trip to Cox Farms!  The weather was gorgeous and Cecilia was totally in love with the goats, as you can see:

They're just getting into the perfect age to REALLY enjoy the fall festival - they can finally go down (almost) every slide by themselves!

I'll never get tired of that smile!
Or that one!

The babies spent most of the time strapped to our backs, napping or just hanging out.  But they were absolutely entranced by the machine the kids could put corn through.  Mary Claire almost managed to climb in and tried to eat quite a few kernels of dried corn... 

Gratuitous "How Tall This Fall" shot

Just chilling inside some giant egg shells...

So, funny story...  We were in the little goat village at Cox Farms when I saw some really cute kids and I thought, "Hey, those look like Elizabeth Foss's kids!" 

And then I looked at the woman with them and I was like, "Hey, her camera strap is really cute!"

And THEN I thought, "Hey, I'm pretty sure that's Elizabeth Foss!"

So I spent several minutes internally debating whether I should say anything or not, because the only line I could come up with was, "Um, hi, I read your blog?"

And I thought that would be a little awkward...

So I said nothing.  But then I commented about it on her instagram and she said I should have introduced myself!

Internet is so much easier than real life sometimes...

I dunno, what would you do?  In either situation?  I pretty much feel like I know the people who read this blog regularly, so I would be REALLY excited if I ran into one of them in public.  But I don't have the wide readership of any of the more popular bloggers, so I feel like it wouldn't be as weird for me if the tables were turned, you know?

Anyway, I've been trying to write these takes since 7 AM and it's 8 PM!  Time to quit for the night :P

Check out more takes, most of which will surely have adorable pictures of children in Halloween/All Saints Day costumes!


  1. Who knew you could sing, girl?!?!? Oh my goodness, that was so beautiful!! I'll play triangle or be a back up dancer in your gig. You can choose.

  2. That's too funny about running into the Foss family! Oddly enough, I spotted her friend's kid while on vacation. You know the "Pray for Elizabeth Dehority" button on Elizabeth Foss's sidebar? We were on family vacation in the mountains, and there was a little boy who looked just like her Danny at one of the state parks. I didn't say anything because I assumed the resemblance was just a coincidence (and also because there's nothing to freak out an elementary school boy like an overly friendly stranger bellowing "Hey! I read your Mom's blog!") but when I came back and caught up on blog reading she mentioned that her husband and son had been off camping at that state park while we were there.

    The resemblance between the baby and the toy is pretty comical :).

    1. Hahahaha that would totally freak a little boy out! It honestly makes me glad I'm not a super-blogger - if I had thousands and thousands of followers I'd totally be terrified that people would recognize us in public!

  3. Awesome song! and the costumes are great. I decided a few years ago that carving pumpkins was way overrated so we don't push for it anymore and thankfully, my kids aren't terribly disappointed.

    I always wonder what I would do if I saw one of the more popular bloggers I read in public. I hope I'd introduce myself...but...I bet I'd just make my husband do it!! LOL

    1. My sister is usually my "wing-man" and is so good at introducing me to people - if she had been there it totally would have worked!

  4. So, I broke my persona ban on watching internet videos to watch your video. OM world..you have an amazing voice!! You should totally record an album..or travel around. Anyway, it's a beautiful song.

    Too funny about seeing Elizabeth Foss! I probably would have done the same thing and then kicked myself over and over for not introducing themselves.

    1. I was totally thinking of you when I posted it - I thought, "Well, it's a song and not *really* a video, so maybe Amelia won't have to worry about her ban!" :P

  5. You got really great pictures of the kids on the farm! Love all those smiling slide pictures. And I really like the idea of St. Michael the Archangel for a boy -- Joseph will have to be that next year.

  6. Oh my goodness! You can sing! And write! That was absolutely beautiful. Seriously friend. Amazing!

    Totally different note, I'm now regretting not going to a fall festival of some sort this year. Thankfully my 14 month old wouldn't care terribly much, but still.

  7. You have such a beautiful voice! what a talent! And seriously, you have some of the cutest kids, love the costumes :-)

  8. That's my new favorite song! It sounds very Saint Thérèse-inspired =)
    Wow, we haven't seen the Foss Family in ages! We used to be in the same Family Group {basically religious education in the homes... a more or less homeschool approach to religious ed.} way back when I was younger. I'm sure it was fun seeing them, if only from a distance!

    God bless!

  9. Beautiful song! :)
    I love your family picture. Everyone looks cute!
    I introduced myself to Ginny from the Small Things blog at a homeschool conference two years ago. She was very friendly, and we talked a little about knitting. I was very glad that I overcame my fear and said hello to her.

  10. Rosie, that's a beautiful song, and you have a beautiful voice! I think you should record it, I really do.

    Your kids' costumes (and smiles) are adorable.

    I was able to meet Katrina (of Cedars and Tiny Flowers) in person last month. I was a little nervous (because yes, the Internet is so much easier than real life). But she was as charming and sweet in person as she is on her blog.

    1. Thanks, Laura! If only making a real recording didn't take so much time and effort :P My time to do stuff like that is limited to post-bedtime on nights when Andrew's at rehearsal!

  11. Love the costumes- and that Mr. Potato head pic is so cute.
    And I'd totally feel starstruck if I saw Elizabeth Foss in public! I agree that internet is def. easier than real life. :)

  12. Rosie! I need the lyrics to that song. I am totally going to teach that to my kids. You have a truly beautiful voice and a talent for lyrics, too! I was in tears by the end of the first line. That's not unusual for me when I listen to music, but still. Your song very much moved me.

    On a lighter note, I watched the video with Zeke looking over my shoulder.
    Z: Who dat?
    Me: That's Rosie.
    Z: Oh. (In a scary growly voice) I'm EAT ROSIE! (Leans into iPad and tries to bite your head.)

    If you ever see me, no matter how unlikely that may be, you'd better say hi! ;) In practice, I probably would have done the same thing as you.

    1. Ahahaha I love Zeke!

      I'll try to type up the lyrics - John Paul wrote all over them and corrected my punctuation so I can't just take a picture :P

      But I'll totally say hi! You guys have to visit the DC area sometime, right?

  13. You are so incredibly talented! That song is beautiful, and your voice...! Wow. Just lovely.

    You should have introduced yourself! Elizabeth is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. :) I know. Trust me. ;)

  14. You go girl!!!!! Beautiful, beautiful song!!!!!!! Another please!

    1. Thanks! Totally divine inspiration - we'll see if it hits again ;)

  15. You have such a lovely voice! I didn't know you could sing--says your internet friend awkwardly......

    The kids are adorable too! We have that same set of armor with the tiny helmet that did not even come close to fitting on my giant headed children :)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our move next fall to bring us up to DC (or if not at least just north in general--and not Guam, please not Guam!) so if you ever see us there you had better say hi--although I'm with you, if I ever saw a real and true big time blogger like Elizabeth Foss I would be entirely too afraid to introduce myself as well :)

    1. Haha thanks!

      YES! That helmet is so ridiculously small - I don't even understand HOW it's supposed to work!

      You let me know if you guys are ever in the DC area - there are so many ways to get transferred here that it wouldn't surprise me if that's where you ended up! It's a great place to be :)

  16. You have such a lovely voice! That song is beautiful.

  17. Oh my gosh. Your song. I cried!! At one point I couldn't see my screen. So beautiful, Rosie!

  18. That first phrase brought me to tears. I thought about your oldest brother or sister, but I figured you were talking about a generic baby or a friend's baby. I mean, you were raised hearing about that first baby, but you never knew him or her.

    And oh yes, friends, does she ever sing. I could tell you stories . . . but I think I've embarrassed Rosie enough for one day!

  19. Wooooooow! Beautiful voice, beautiful song. Seriously.

    I love how Cecilia corrected everyone. What a cutie.

  20. The song is beautiful!!
    The kids so cute!!!

    Does that mean I'm allowed to walk up to you if ever I see you in No VA??

  21. Finally had a chance to play the song and I'm so impressed!!!! Beautiful!

  22. I think you should be the Catholic mommy blogger version of Justin Bieber--in the got-famous-on-youtube sense, not the sagging-skinny-jeans-total-disaster sense. Also, I'll totally wingman you. Next time you see a famous blogger, call me. Then walk up to her and tell her I'm on the phone for her. Then I'll say, "Hi, Elizabeth, I want to introduce you to my sister of A Blog for My Mom fame." It won't be awkward at all.

  23. You have a lovely voice!
    And, I totally would say hi. But then, I'm the kind of person that talks to random people in the grocery store.


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